The postage stamp "Children with rare diseases - phenylketonuria" was released.

Today, a postage stamp "Children with rare diseases - phenylketonuria" comes out of the press, which is the first postage stamp of its kind in the world. The postage stamp has a nominal value of 36 denars and is printed for the first time in Macedonia in 6 thousand copies. It is an initiative of the Association for Rare Diseases "It is rare to be rare" and its president Gordana Loleska, who is employed by Macedonian Post.

The fact that Macedonian Post, with this work, once again showed that it is a socially responsible company that cares for its citizens, especially patients with rare diseases, dedicating stamps to the most vulnerable category, children, is to be welcomed. For the past few years, Macedonian Post has been actively involved in campaigns to raise public awareness of rare diseases by issuing five postage stamps, dedicated to children with rare diseases, children with Alport syndrome, children with Gaucher disease, children with epidermolysis bullosa and children with ichthyosis. , says the Association "It's rare to be rare".

The government, in the Program for active health care of mothers and children, made a decision to implement metabolic screening for phenylketonuria for every newborn throughout the territory. This key initiative aims to improve early detection and intervention, ensuring the wellbeing of our youngest citizens.

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