"Cultural Press" number 235 was published in the newspaper "Free Press"

Front page of "Cultural Press" issue 235

CULTURAL SEAL number 235, in the printed edition of the newspaper "Free Press" (15-16.6.2024), in its standard format of eight pages among the contents in the field of art and cultural events has:

- interview with Igor Ivanov, president of DFRM before the start of the sixth edition of "Golden Frame": The film has the role of "flag bearer"

– a conversation with the young comic author Gaja Smilevska: Comics give me the opportunity to tell a story

- on the last night of the 58th Macedonian Theater Festival "Vojdan Chernodrinski" in Prilep, the festival prizes were awarded

– ended the 23rd edition of the world music festival – OFFest: Urban-style sound

- the independent publisher "Charla Records" released the album of the same name by the band "Karla Lewinsky" as the 100th release in its production

- the exhibition "Ukraine: War Crime" provides a rare and moving insight into the human cost of the conflict, victims and suffering

- The European open-air traveling cinema will be a warm-up for the "Cinedays" festival and will be held in Tetovo, Krushevo and Gevgelija

- the graphic novel "Chanbara" published by "Bunker" is an extraordinary comic book with a timeless story

- the Macedonian poetess Iva Damjanovski was presented at the poetry festival "Poetry International" in Rotterdam

- the publishing house "Ilika" published the book "Coordinates of pain" by the poetess Alexandra Spaseska

- publishing house "Artconnect" published the illustrated book for young and adults "M as the sea" by Joana Consejo.

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