"Cultural Press" number 219 was published in the newspaper "Free Press"

Front page of "Cultural Press" issue 219

CULTURAL SEAL number 219, in the printed edition of the newspaper "Free Press" (24-25.02.2024), in its standard format of eight pages among the contents in the field of art and cultural events has:

- interview with Sonja Abadzieva Dimitrova, art historian: The Museum of Contemporary Art (MSU) was a guide where tastes were tempered

- a conversation with the writer and poet Violeta Tancheva-Zlateva: Weaving stories is the ultimate expression of freedom of the spirit

– an exhibition of photographs by the Italian-Ukrainian visual artist Sofia Chotyrbok: A deep journey into personal memories and aspirations

– the 20th "Winter Salon" of DLUM is open: A key exhibition for bold artistic debates and experimental settings

- the exhibition "Ningyo" will be opened in the Archaeological Museum in Skopje: The art and beauty of Japanese dolls

- the exhibition "Cobalt Synergy", which contains a joint contribution of three artists, is set up in the MKC Gallery

– The European Youth Orchestra at "Fame's Institute" held concerts in Skopje and Budapest

– free screenings of the documentary film "Twenty Days in Mariupol" are held in "Brutalisk"

- the monograph "Sergei Mihailov: life and work" of Prof. Dr. Natasha Didenko from the Institute of National History at UKIM

- the almanac "Vlasite i Skopje" by the young author Marija Nedelkovska was recently published

- the picture book "Krilche" by the authors Claudia Lagerman and Hanke Siemensma was published by "Artconnect"

- the publishing house "Antolog" from Skopje published the new poetry collection "Words from paper" by the award-winning poet Milcho Misoski.

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