"Cultural Press" number 114 was published in the newspaper "Free Press"

CULTURAL SEAL number 114, in the print edition of the newspaper "Free Press" (29-30.01.2022), in its standard format of eight pages we open with the calendar of the Skopje Jazz Festival, and among the contents in the field of art and cultural events there are:

- interview with Vlado Janevski, Macedonian writer in Australia: It would be ideal for me to fully dedicate myself to writing

- conversation with the painter Ivana Nasteski: The artist feels most comfortable when he is on his own

- a great end to the mini-tour of Simon Trpceski and Maksim Vengerov in Paris

- premiere of the text "Knots" by Refet Abazi directed by Kushtrim Bekteshi at the Albanian Theater

- the writer Aleksandar Prokopiev is represented in the top European publication "Les Lettres Europeénnes"

- artist Ana Lazarevska reveals the messages of the developing project "Urban Gardens: connective tissues"

- sound presentation of the cycle "Mountain" by the photographer Dimitar Apostolov

- the art installation and the book "Every work outside of art is a waste of time" by Dorotej Neshovski were promoted in KSP "Centar-Jadro"

- The film co-production "In Search of Venus" was selected at the Trieste Film Festival

- "Anthologist" published the book "Bizarre stories" by Polish Nobel laureate Olga Tokarchuk in Macedonian

- "Goten" published the collection of short stories "The Love of a Thirty-Five-Year-Old Woman" by the Bulgarian writer Kalin Terzijski

- The publishing company "Makedonika litera" published the book "Selected Poems" by the classical Chinese poet Su Shu '

- The photo book "The Dzolomars" by Sasko Ilov, Cvetanka Temkova Ilova and Goce Davidov has been published by "Ars Libris", part of "Ars Lamina - publications".

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