"Cultural Press" number 107 was published in the newspaper "Free Press"

CULTURAL SEAL number 107, in the print edition of the newspaper "Free Press" (27-28.11.2021), in its standard eight-page format we open it with photographs from plays of the 46th ILO, and among the contents in the field of art and cultural events has:

- interview with the actor Bajrush Mjaku: I am retired only in terms of monthly income

- Conversation with the actress Ivana Pavlakovi:: Art should loudly point out injustices

- Macedonian premiere of the play "There will be no end to the world" directed by Nina Nikolic will be held at MNT

- Jubilee exhibition of DLUM on the occasion of 75 years of existence will be set in Cifte Amam and Mala Stanica

- works by Mersad Berber will be exhibited in the gallery "El Greco"

- The Theater "Shadows and Clouds" performed at the International Festival of Shadows in Moscow

- The secret archives of Skopje - The home tapes of the people of Skopje are full of love

- the joint exhibition "Borders" by Dita Starova Qerimi and пеqipe Mehmeti is set in the Gallery "Gentineta" in Zurich

- The studio "Private Print" presents a research project of the graphic designer Gjorgji Despodov

- Engaged exhibition of Sokol Markovski in "Ko-Ra" with art portraits that raise awareness about the fight against cancer

- a monographic presentation of the folklore festivals by Assoc. Dr. Natasha Didenko

- "Makedonika litera" published the book "From the vault of the Ohrid Archbishopric" by Dr. Snezana Filipova

- "Artconnect" published the novel "A Babukar went to the forefront" by Giovanni Dozini

- The Croatian Cultural Center "Marko Marulic" published the collection of poems "Dah smrti" by Zoran Pejkovski.

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