Burnt workers, acid rain and a "concreted" boiler: A series of accusations from VMRO-DPMNE about REK Bitola

Rek Bitola
Rec Bitola / Photo AD Power Plants of Northern Macedonia

The MP of VMRO-DPMNE Vlado Talevski today made a series of accusations against the management of REC Bitola, demanding the resignation of the directors due to their allegedly bad handling of the accident in block 3 of the thermal power plant.

We are quoting Talevski's statement in its entirety:

"Although SDS is trying to cover up the failure of boiler 3 in REK Bitola, saying that it is in official service at the height of the winter heating season, the situation is not naive at all. Boiler 3 is damaged and the question is whether it will even be able to be enabled for normal work.

We promptly warned that the procurement of inadequate coal from Kosovo, Albania and Greece could cause problems in the operation of REK Bitola. According to the information we have, a possible reason for the accident is that bituminous coal with a much higher calorific value was being carried. The boiler in REK Bitola cannot completely burn the coal due to structural reasons. The brought coal has a much higher amount of ash and sulfur. As a consequence, there is a 'concreting' of slag around the pipe system in the boiler and pollution of the atmosphere with 'acid' rain.

This unprofessional operation of SDS and DUI caused the boiler to shut down and a state in which it is completely "concreted" from elevation '0' to elevation 20 meters. Last week we witnessed an ill-advised attempt and forceful entry of workers to intervene in the boiler, but due to the high temperature they suffered severe burns.

Block 3 in REK Bitola will be in so-called 'service' maintenance and out of operation for a long time.

The result of the "quality" management of REK Bitola, a damaged boiler and injured workers. Yesterday was followed by a new 'planned' outage of block 1, and last week the coal system from both mines was completely out of order for almost five days while hundreds of trucks of such imported coal of dubious origin were turning!

We warn the authorities not to shift the blame to the workers and crew of block 3 who will be protected by the legal team of VMRO-DPMNE because the union is obviously put in the function of protecting the management team. We call on the management to resign immediately! The culprits are known to both the public and the employees, and for that we demand the resignation of the entire management team of thermal power plants and REK Bitola, who allowed such coal to be brought and then put to burn in the boilers, which caused this accident with unforeseeable consequences are aimed at heavy commissions and enrichment of individuals.

Finally, respected ones, we demand the resignation of Vasko Kovacevski, if not for the disastrous management, the crimes, the commissions, let him resign for moral reasons", Talevski said.

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