Burned by the heat of its own propaganda

Zakharova published a picture from Macedonian newspapers on Telegram / Photo Printscreen

On the occasion of the announcement of the spokeswoman of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Maria Zakharova on Telegram, in which she accused "Free Press" of not having the courage to speak about the unscrupulousness of American manipulations, but, as she says, had the courage to publish the headline "Everyone is against Lavrov"

The peoples of the Balkans were, as a rule, "subscribed" (and that subscription still continues) to an intensive course in history and society, where one of the main benefits is the saying that you cannot "sell a people a horn for a candle". Even the temporary success of that operation through historical periods does not invalidate the essence of the saying and the final outcome.

In the era of post-truth, which, unfortunately, daily and uncontrollably comes to our minds and thoughts like a fast, speeding train, while destroying the boundaries between the truth and its arch-enemy - speculation, your comment on the front page of "Sloboden Pechat" (we you are doing a special honor) reminded me of one of Oscar Wilde's many famous statements which reads: "There is only one thing in the world worse than being gossiped about, and that is not being gossiped about."

To make it clearer to our readers, at the press conference on the occasion of the OSCE summit in Skopje - Mrs. Zakharova wrote on "Telegram", we quote: "What is false?" Practical analysis. The first Macedonian newspaper (meaning "Sloboden Pechat") publishes a photo that was taken BEFORE the meeting of the ministers of foreign affairs of the OSCE. It is not official, because the meeting did not open until the next day. But the newspaper did not have the courage to talk about this and talk about the unscrupulousness of American manipulations, whose propaganda goal was to demonstrate anti-Russian fervor. But they had the courage to publish a headline that 'Everyone is against Lavrov'."

In truth, you put me in my thoughts; I wonder if, in the performance of their duties, the foreign ministers and government representatives of approximately 60 OSCE member countries - BEFORE the official start of the meeting of the organization and the subsequent publication of the photo in the "Free Press" - "put on pause" their powers , duties and state obligations until the official start of the meeting, or did they wait to wake up on the day of the official start of the conference, to be reminded of everything they are in Skopje for? So much for the photo and the comment "before" and "after"... Fortunately for us, for a spoken word in public, a criticism or a thesis against the government or the centers of power, in our country and society "courage" is not needed, but journalistic professionalism and respect of the facts, certainly not under the threat of a long prison sentence. The fact is that at the OSCE summit, your Minister of Foreign Affairs was more than ignored by the ministers present from other OSCE member countries (with a few exceptions, to confirm the rule); that fact "deserved" the front page of our media. The identification of the policy you advocate - with the Russian nation, vis a vis "anti-Russian fervor" and similar narratives is grotesque; let me remind you; Dostojevski, Pushkin, Rachmaninov, Mendeleev, Mussorgsky (the latter, one of the streets in Skopje bears his name) and others, are as much ours as they are yours. They belong to the world and not by your credit or permission. The great Russian nation existed before you and will continue to exist after you.

Russian Minister Sergey Lavrov and the spokeswoman of the Russian MFA Maria Zakharova at a press conference in Skopje/Photo: Imago / Alamy / Alamy / Profimedia

Our common house Macedonia, through no fault of ours, was built at a Balkan crossroads; sometimes an intentional traveler or a guest will bring you an apple as a gift, a kind word, sometimes he will shake or break the fence around your house, sometimes he will praise you for being a good host, and sometimes he will insult you with the most insulting words or commit a violent robbery of everything sacred from your home, and often the worst happened, he came into your yard with a shotgun and decimated your family. The latter especially disgusts any normal person; there is no narrative in the world or spin that will justify the social devastation of a neighboring country, armed aggression, pogrom. Very simple. However, you can do better..

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