Licenses issued to 486 power plants from renewable sources, have capacity for 96.700 households

From January last year to the end of May this year, licenses were issued to 486 power plants for the production of electricity from renewable sources with a total installed capacity of 246,9 MW. The Energy Regulatory Commission says that with the installed capacity that was built in seventeen months, the needs of 96.700 households with average electricity consumption from 12 cities in the country - Ohrid, Tetovo, Kratovo, Krushevo, Kriva Palanka, St. Nikole, Resen, Dojran, Debar, Vinica, Struga and Negotino.

- More and more companies, factories in the country produce their own electricity and their bills are significantly reduced, precisely because of the investments in photovoltaics. For five months from the beginning of this year, RKE has issued licenses for power plants with a total installed capacity of 94,7 MW, and let us remind you that for the entire year 2022, the total installed power of power plants from renewable sources that produce electricity predominantly from the sun, but also from wind , water and biogas amounts to 152,2 MW - says the president of RKE, Marko Bislimoski.

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