Panče Žežovski, a missing person from Veles, was found murdered in Veles, he was killed by the same group that killed the minor Vanja from Skopje

The body of 74-year-old Panče Žežovski from Veles was found in Veles, who has been missing since November 24, and according to the announcements of the Ministry of the Interior and the Public Prosecutor's Office, he was killed by the same people who killed 14-year-old Vanja Gjorčevska, whose body was found in the area tonight. of Skopje.

Earlier, on November 28, the police announced that on November 27, the day when the student Vanja disappeared from in front of her apartment in Debar Maalo, at 15.40:XNUMX p.m. in the village of Brazda, Skopje, police officers from the Mirkovci Police Department found a completely burned passenger vehicle in which she was found. license plate with a Veles mark, which was found to belong to a "Citroen" passenger vehicle, owned by P.Zh. from Veles.

The police announced tonight that today (03.12.2023) the lifeless body of the minor V.G. was found in the vicinity of Skopje, and the body of P.Zh. (74) from Veles was also found in the vicinity of Veles.

"In connection with the two cases, five people are suspected, three of whom are being detained, one is out of the country, and one person is currently in the police station. Previously, in connection with the criminal acts, a burnt-out Citroen vehicle was found, and after expert examinations, material evidence was provided for the involvement of the persons, for which, after fully documenting the cases, appropriate criminal charges will be filed in coordination with the Public Prosecutor. From the conducted investigative actions, it was established that both murders were committed by the same persons, whose motive was "selfishness", it is said, among other things, in the statement of the Ministry of the Interior for the murders that shook the Macedonian public and the region.

Vanya found dead, she was killed a few hours after the abduction


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