The shaved heads of those detained for Vanya are for security and psychological reasons, not to be "branded"

"They are not branded, but they are deprived of the right to choose." With these words, the director of the Skopje investigative prison, Filip Andov, explains to "Sloboden Pechat" yesterday the manner of carrying out in court the four suspects for the abductions and liquidations of 14-year-old Vanja Gjorchevska and 74-year-old Pance Zhezhovski. The suspects Velibor Manev, Vlatko Keshishov and Bore Videvski, together with Vanja's father, Aleksandar Gjorchevsky, were brought before a judge for an investigative procedure under the strongest police security, but also with a noticeably changed personal description - their heads were shaved, they had no beard, they wore prison overalls, with bowed heads.

The director of the Skopje prison, Filip Andov, in a conversation with "Sloboden Pechat" agrees that this sight is not common, but the reason is that such suspicions of crimes are not common either.

- We, as Skopje Prison, have a resident barber who is permanently employed by Skopje Prison. The rulebook for suspects of such monstrous acts is brought by the director, that is, me personally. I am the one who provides guidance on storage, deployment, use of permitted items, perks, physical appearance and wardrobe use. Until now, such heinous acts have not been observed in Macedonia, so you could not even be familiar with such decrees and guidelines of the prison, and perhaps one of my predecessors did not implement them. However, while I am the director, where there will be serious crime of the form of serious violence, terrorism and crimes of a serious form of punishment, you will meet and see this example of bringing detained persons. The reasons for shaving heads are hygienic, but also safety, for easier inspection of injuries if an injury is caused. They are not branded, but they are deprived of the right to choose to wear hairstyles or branded wardrobe, Andov said.

The safety of the detained persons is also ensured by the fact that they are in separate cells. No one can see anyone, nor can they know where they are.

For three of the suspects, "Sloboden Pechat" has information that they spent the fateful night before they grabbed and killed Vanja at the headquarters of the political party of which they were members, together with the first suspect, Ljupco Palevski Palco, who is the leader of the party.

The Minister of the Interior, Oliver Spasovski, at last night's press conference where he announced that Palevski was caught in Turkey and will be extradited to face the law, said that this political party should be deregistered, because it is a nest of criminals with anti - European attitudes.

And Palevski's driver, Stefan Dimkovski, suspected of aiding and abetting a crime, is an obvious fan of Palevski and a member of "Desna", at least on social networks where he took pictures while driving him on the highways. He transported Palevski all over Bulgaria with a white luxury "Land Rover" and brought him to Turkey, where Palevski continued the refugee campaign alone.

He rented a cheap motel in the town of Balikesir, but a direct operational source of the Macedonian police located him and reported that Palevski intends to leave Balikesir for Istanbul. Palevski rented a taxi to go to Istanbul, he wanted to deceive the security structures and simulated departure to Istanbul, and half way back he returned. He was arrested while walking on one of the highways.

During the searches in Skopje, however, two guns were found, which will be examined by experts as to whether they are the weapons from which Vanja and Panche were shot. Vanja's mobile phone was also found. Autopsies have been completed and burials have been carried out. But the Prosecutor's Office will not officially say what the autopsy findings are, because that evidence will be kept and presented at the trial itself. Minister Spasovski said at the press conference yesterday that Vanja was not suffocated, but died from a gunshot wound.

Ljupco Palevski – Palco is the prime suspect for the most heinous crime in recent history in which 14-year-old Vanja Gjorchevska from Skopje and 74-year-old Pance Zhezhovski from Veles were killed. Their lifeless bodies were found in graves, which were pointed out by two witnesses who watched the executions and pointed out Palevski as their executor, that is, as the man who fired the gun.

Vanya was not in any of the 70 provided camera shots, because she was grabbed at the entrance of the building where she lived, tied by her hands and feet, put in a sleeping bag and put in a trunk. Then she was killed in the atar of the village of Orman. Public prosecutor Gavril Bubevski said that the most likely motive for Vanja's murder was that her mother sold her apartment and thus obtained a larger amount of money, which the group wanted to extort from her, and that information about Vanja's movements was given to the suspects by her father.

According to the data so far, the group of five suspects committed the murder immediately after the abduction, ie around 10 o'clock in the morning on Monday, because something "got out of control". According to the statements of the suspects, they were afraid that the investigation was progressing, the police were investigating at the highest level, so they decided to kill Vanya and ask for the money later. However, the determination of the motives is still ongoing and it has not been confirmed that they are exactly these.

According to the Prosecutor's Office, the murdered Pance Zhezhovski from Veles owed 500 euros to one of the suspects, so after he was killed, his vehicle was stolen and used by the five to kidnap Vanya. Then they set the vehicle on fire, and there is material evidence at which gas station they bought the fuel for that purpose.

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