PHOTO | Selected the most beautiful lakes for vacation in Europe: Four are located in countries of the former Yugoslavia

Фото: Wikimedia Commons

One of the world's leading travel platforms "Lonely Planet" (Lonely Planet) publish a list of lakes in Europe which are perfect for vacation, and four of them are from the former Yugoslavia.

"Europe's coastline and beautiful beaches attract a lot of attention in summer, but the continent's lakes should not be overlooked. Italy boasts beautiful lakes surrounded by mountains, and the lakes in Croatia and England are a real sensation. Whether you want to swim or just relax, Europe has enough lakes for any adventure," the article reads. "".

The list also includes four lakes from the former SFRY, two each from Croatia and Slovenia.

"Can't decide between lake and sea?" Consider Mljet. This magical island has two salt lakes – Small Lake and Big Lake. On the Great Lake, you can take a boat trip to St. Mary's Island, home to a 12th-century monastery. You can also rent a kayak," the article reads.

Small and Large Lake Mljet / Photo: Wikimedia Commons

"You may especially like the fact that Mljet's lakes are warmer than the sea, especially Malo Ezero," the article adds.

"Lonely Planet" emphasizes that these lakes are part of the Mljet National Park and recommends visiting the entire park.

"Walking in the park can be a perfect day trip from Dubrovnik, which you can reach by ferry in two hours," they add. They pointed out that you can also stay in a hotel.

Lake Levico Italy / Photo: Wikimedia Commons

"Lonely Planet", in addition to the Small and Big Lake in Croatia, also included in the list:

– Lakes Di Levico and Caldonazzo (Italy)

– Lake Garda (Italy)

– Lake Constance (Germany, Switzerland, Austria)

– Lake Bled and Lake Bohinj (Slovenia)

– Lake Annecy (France)

– Lake Saint Croix (France)

– Buttermere and Cramock Water (England)


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