Selected the best catering facilities in Skopje for this year

Restaurants, caterers / Photo: Free Press / Dragan Mitreski

The City of Skopje and the Agency SWOT Research, agency for analysis of the quality of service, for the 14th time realized the project "The best catering facility among the best" in the capital.

The best catering facilities in Skopje for 2021, in the four categories are:

Category restaurants

1st place: Pelister

2nd place: FOUR

3rd place: CARPE DIEM

Inn category

1st place: Debar neighborhood

2nd place: City bar - At Jole

3rd place: Dukat

Category Lounge & snack bars


2nd place: Public room

3rd place: SOUL KITCHEN

Category of cafes

1st place: Mr. Jack

2nd place: CHILLIN 'BAR

3rd place: DEUS

- The agency hired secret buyers, who visited the catering facilities, selected at random in the race for the Best Catering facility in 2021, followed by a summary of the results. The best catering facilities are selected through independent and objective secret buyers, where 173 catering facilities were visited, said the City of Skopje.

The quality of the service was evaluated according to nine elements: First contact - (greeting and heading to the seating area, approaching the waiter, greeting) Hygiene of the facility - (cleanliness of the space, tables, sheets, chairs, utensils, menu) Covid criteria- ( wearing a protective mask, distance from tables, disinfectants) Toilet - (hygiene of space and toilets, wipers, locks, hangers)
Ambience - (lighting, temperature, smell, music) Waiter service - (kindness, proactivity, willingness to meet, commitment, demeanor) General service - (assortment, proper service, service time, fiscal billing)
Food quality - (freshness, quantity, taste) Final contact - (thanks and greetings), say the organizers of the selection.

The City of Skopje announced that this year the awarding of the plaques was held in accordance with the protocols for Covid-19, ie with a limited number of persons, in order to protect and prevent the spread of the virus.

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