GALLERY | The new Government was elected, whose president is Hristijan Mickoski

Tonight, with 77 votes "for" and 22 votes "against", the Assembly elected the new Government, whose president is Hristijan Mickoski. The government coalition consists of VMRO-DPMNE, the parties from the Vredi coalition and ZNAM.

Election of a new government photo Slobodan Djuric Free Press

MPs from SDSM and Left voted against the Government, and the European Front left the session shortly before its end.

There are a total of 20 ministries in the new government, and the government has 24 members. In addition to the Prime Minister, there are 23 other Deputy Prime Ministers and Ministers, 20 of whom have portfolios.

Hristijan Mickoski elected as the new prime minister Photo: Sloboden Pechat, Slobodan Djuric

Mickoski has five deputies or vice prime ministers, and one of them will be "first vice prime minister". In the government cabinet, 15 members are from the coalition led by VMRO-DPMNE, six from the Vredi coalition and two from ZNAM.

The Minister of Internal Affairs is Pance Toshkovski, for Defense Vlado Misajlovski, for Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade Timcho Mutusski, for Finance Gordana Kochoska Dimitrieska, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Transport Aleksandar Nikoloski, for Information Society and Digital Transformation Stefan Andonovski, Minister of local government Zlatko Perinski.

New government elected photo Sloboden Pechat, Slobodan Djuric

Minister in the newly formed Ministry of Energy, Mining and Mineral Resources is Sanja Bozinovska, in Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management Cvetan Tripunovski, Minister of Education and Science is Vesna Janevska, Minister of Culture and Tourism is Zoran Ljutkov, and Minister of Sports Borko Ristovski. Ljupco Dimovski is the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Political System, and Ivan Stoiljkovic, the Deputy Prime Minister in charge of relations with the communities, while Shaban Saliu is the Minister without portfolio in charge of integration and implementation of the Roma decade.

Hristijan Mickoski, new prime minister, photo: Sloboden Pechat, Slobodan Djuric

The Minister of Environment and Spatial Planning and Deputy President of the Government is Izet Mejiti, the Minister without portfolio and Deputy President of the Government in charge of good governance is Arben Fetai, the Minister of Health Arben Taravari, Orhan Murtezani was elected Minister of European Affairs, while for the Minister of Social Policy, Demography and Youth is Fatmir Limani, and the Minister of Economy is Besar Durmishi. Igor Filkov is the new Minister of Justice, and Goran Minchev is the Minister of Public Administration.

Prime Minister Hristijan Mickoski, photo by Sloboden Pechat Slobodan Djuric


With the approval of the new government composition in the Parliament, Hristijan Mickoski became the 13th prime minister, who will lead the 20th government since the country's independence.

The government session started yesterday, and sixty MPs were registered to speak.

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