Choosing an ice cream flavor chooses your character: What's yours?


Even the flavor of ice cream that you like the most says something about your character. It's not the same, there's a difference between people choosing vanilla and chocolate…

You are a flirtatious, seductive, lively and charming lady. You are often envied for your good looks and intelligence. In addition, they often want to be like you. You are gifted with a rare talent that most can only dream of. However, you are often gullible, but you want your life to be filled with a dose of drama.

You want a routine, a simple and peaceful life without too many unexpected exciting situations that you cannot predict. Some may describe your life as boring, but you just know how to enjoy the little things and the small pleasures.

Fruity flavors
You are a tolerant, careful and loyal person. You have the ability to think logically in any situation. As you are tolerant of others, you expect others to be tolerant of you. Your life motto is "live and let live". In fact, it doesn't matter what others think of you, because you have come to terms with your life decisions.

You are a determined and consistent person who does not give up on his principles and beliefs. You demand a lot from yourself, but also from others, and you are never fully satisfied. You are picky, but at least you know what you want. However, it wouldn't be out of place to relax sometimes, be more spontaneous, enjoy yourself and reward yourself for your efforts.

You are adorned with sophistication and fine manners. You are always gallant, kind, and your rich vocabulary impresses everyone you talk to. It's not unusual to see a pistachio lover on the beach with a big brimmed hat because you want elegance and feminine style.

Ice cream with slices of tea cakes
You like to read and you probably have a lot of books at home. With a book in hand, you're on your own. Your favorite mental food is absorbing new knowledge and expanding your horizons.

Hazelnut or walnut
You are a loyal, honest, conscientious and decent person. You have high standards when it comes to what is right and what is wrong. You are always afraid of hurting other people's feelings.

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