IVZ requests the withdrawal of a meat product that contains pork, and on the package it says that it is halal

Photo: Wikimedia

The Islamic Religious Community (IRC) requests the recall of a meat product - meat cutlet, because the ingredients state that it contains pork, and at the same time, a logo is printed on the package indicating that it is produced according to the Halal standard.

They addressed this request to the "Stokomak" market chain.

"In your markets, meat cutlets are sold, produced by Gurmes, originating from the Republic of Serbia, and the importer for the Republic of North Macedonia is Stokomak DOO, ul. Dimo Hadji Dimov, no. 6-B, Skopje. The same product has the Halal Standard logo, and in the ingredients section there is also 40% pork," says the sent announcement.

IVZ announced "all necessary legal actions" if the product is not withdrawn from the markets.

"That's why the Agency for Halal Standard of the Republic of North Macedonia, which functions within the Islamic Religious Community of RSM, is the only competent body for certification of the Halal standard, and control of halal products, in order to preserve the dignity of the Halal logo, as well as to avoid of a possible misunderstanding of Muslim consumers in your markets, we ask you to urgently withdraw that product from your markets and to inform the public about it, otherwise we will be forced to take all necessary corrective actions."

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