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Ivermectin gives hope, but it is not in our hospitals

A new hope in the fight against coronavirus is the drug "Ivermectin" for which top world doctors warn that it should be approved for the prevention and treatment of covid-19. To this end, they developed a treatment protocol in which this pillar is an antiparasitic drug, known on the market for 40 years, and for the creation of which its authors received the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2015.

It is on the list of essential medicines of the World Health Organization and, as claimed by the former Minister of Health Dr. Dragan Danilovski, is extremely effective in covid-19 before exposure to the virus, after exposure to the virus, during the initial symptoms, and in the past stage of the disease.

"They call it a drug that can turn the tide during a pandemic," Danilovski said.

From the world scientific studies conducted so far for ivermectin, it is evident that it reduces the risk of death in patients with covid-19 by at least six times! It also reduced the length of stay of patients in the hospital, as well as the duration of their low saturation, ie the inability of cells in the body to bind to oxygen.

The authors of the studies on the results of the use of this drug especially emphasize the preventive role, which can significantly reduce the risk of infection with the covidium virus in medical staff, as well as in family members of a patient who is coronavirus-positive and is treated in domestic conditions. Studies have shown that in family members who have covidium and have received ivermectin, the rate of infection was 16,4 percent, in contrast to the control group that did not receive such prevention, which was 58,4 percent. The number of infected medical workers receiving ivermectin dropped to 16,4 compared with 60,8 for those not receiving the drug. The Houston Hospital, United Memorial Medical Center, which uses the drug extensively for prevention and treatment, claims to have one of the lowest mortality rates of covid-19 patients in the United States.

We only have a "veterinary" version of the medicine !?

In hospitals in Macedonia, Ivermectin is not used in the treatment of covid-19. The director of the CGH September 8, Dr. Hristijan Kostov, says that the drug is registered at the Veterinary Institute, but it is not currently included in the hospital treatment for coronavirus in the country. The World Health Organization has previously recommended that they not be used to treat humans versions of ivermectin intended for the treatment of animals, for which it is often used as a means of controlling parasites.  

Health officials are adamant that there is no specific drug for covid-19 in the world and that treatment in hospitals and at home depends on which patient develops what symptoms. The Minister of Health Venko Filipce appealed to every patient to consult with the family doctor and to receive therapies under his control.

- Citizens must know that there is a really wide range of symptoms with which this disease can manifest itself. No one should reach out to seek drugs that have not been proven to help treat covid-19. "There are still a huge number of clinical trials examining drugs in the world," Filipce said, referring to Remedesivir and Favira.

These two drugs are registered in Macedonia, but their main purpose is for other diseases and not for covid-19, reminds the Minister.

- There is a unified protocol for doctors to treat patients with covid-19 and that protocol has been indicated several times. But what is the essence when it is said that there is no unified protocol. That is, there is no single cure for the disease because there is no single form of the disease. There are so many different clinical forms, each of which requires a different approach to treatment, dosing of the same drugs that are considered for appropriate manifestation. That is why it is very important for everyone who has the slightest symptoms and for any step regarding the diagnosis for treatment, to consult a doctor - added Minister Filipce.

The epidemic does not subside, the number of deaths does not decrease

The epidemic in the country is still very strong and there are many infected and dead. The number of active cases is 22.538, half of which are in Skopje. The number of dead patients is not decreasing. Nearly 900 patients are being treated at hospital centers in the country, half of them in the capital. Of particular concern is the fact that the coming period is characterized by family gatherings and celebrations, which is a risk factor for the spread of the coronavirus as has been the case so far.

In order to amortize the influx of patients who require hospital treatment with a worsened clinical picture, the installation of a modular hospital has started in Gevgelija, and prefabricated hospitals will start to be installed in Strumica, Kumanovo, Kicevo and Struga from next week. They are expected to be finalized by the end of the year.

Despite the large number of hospitalized in the country, over 1.300, there are still free beds in hospitals. The Ministry of Health announced that there are another 160 unoccupied hospital beds prepared for patients with covid-19, and this number is expected to increase because it is expected to discharge cured patients from hospital facilities. There is an oxygen supply in all departments of the clinical hospitals in the country.

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