The Italian right has come up with three candidates for the future head of state

Sergio Matarella / Photo: MIA

The Union of Italian Conservatives at a press conference this afternoon came up with three proposals for possible candidates for a new head of state, leaving the center-left to answer with its own candidate.

The proposal came after parliament was still visibly divided the successor to the outgoing president, Sergio Matarella.

The British media report that the three parties from the center-right - Liga, Fratelli Italia and Forza Italia this afternoon came out with the names of the former President of the Senate, Marcello Pere, the former Minister of Education and Mayor of Milan, Leticia Moratti, and the retired referee, Carlo Nordi, as possible candidates for a new head of state.

"We have no intention of imposing anything on her. We hope that these names will be accepted with a willingness to discuss them," League leader Matteo Salvini told a joint news conference with his allies.

The Italian Parliament, yesterday, in the first round of voting, did not elect a new president of the country, because no candidate received a sufficient number of votes in the secret ballot, and today the new, second ballot is underway.

Exactly 1.009 voters, members of both houses of parliament, the House of Representatives and the Senate, and representatives of the regions and autonomous provinces, began voting yesterday to elect Matarella's successor, and the winner of the secret ballot needs a two-thirds majority in the three rounds. voting.

Voting is repeated until one of the candidates receives enough votes.

The British media previously reported that he is the favorite in the voting The country's current prime minister, Mario Draghi, and those considered possible candidates include former House Speaker Pierre Ferdinando Cassini, former Prime Minister Giuliano Amato, and Senate President Maria Elizabeta Alberti Caselati.

Source: MIA

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