Research claims: These are the ten professions in which people cheat on their partners the most

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After a British study revealed that a staggering 85 percent of affairs start in the workplace - with one in five respondents admitting to cheating with a colleague - many began to wonder which professions are more prone to cheating. "San".

Experts from Rent Casino surveyed 3.800 people across the UK to find out where infidelity flourishes and found that those who cheat the most are in sale. As many as 14,5 percent of merchants admitted infidelity, citing working hours, high positions and numerous social events as the reason.

In second place with 13,7 percent are those who have jobs in education, from teachers to university professors and lecturers.

"You never know what kind of extracurricular activity your teacher husband is involved in, as this profession has been named one of the most evil," the survey said.

The third place went to health professionals, as many as 12,5 percent of them stated that they cheated on their partner with a colleague. Possible excuses included long and unpredictable working hours, emergency night shifts and reaching out to colleagues for support knowing they understood exactly what they were going through.

Slightly lower, the fourth most likely profession to cheat is employed in transport and logistics (9,8 percent), while in fifth place are those who spend their time in catering and organization of events (7,7 percent).

Other "professions of distrust" include engineermanufacturing and manufacturing (6,6 percent), real estate and construction (5,5 percent), and accounting, banking and finance (5,4 percent). Near the bottom are those who deal with information technology (4,6 percent) and those in armed forces (4 percent).

But not all the news was bad, so some people can breathe a sigh of relief. At the other end of the spectrum were people who work in science and pharmacy, as well as business, consulting and management, and together make up just 0,1 percent of the statistic.

Of the people who were asked if they had cheated, only 0,2 percent worked in law enforcement and security, 0,4 percent in creative arts and design, and 0,5 percent in media and online. The same figure was recorded for those practicing law, showing that they always follow the rules.

According to research, these are the top 10 professions in which most people cheat:

1. Sale

2. Teacher, training and education

3. Health care

4. Transport and logistics

5. Catering and event management

6. Engineering and manufacturing

7. Real estate and construction

8. Accounting, banking and finance

9. Information technology

10. Armed forces

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