Research has confirmed: Eat this fruit before going to bed and you will fall asleep faster

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Health conditions, as well as stressful everyday life, can seriously threaten the quality of sleep. Fortunately, this problem can be alleviated with some simple changes. For example, some experts encourage the consumption of fruit in order to increase the duration and quality of sleep. Specifically, cherries and kiwi have been shown to be useful in improving sleep efficiency, writes "Express".

The Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition was among the first to highlight the benefits of kiwi for sleep. According to research published by that journal, kiwi contains a number of compounds, including antioxidants and serotonin, that have a beneficial effect on treating sleep disorders.

Scientists came to that conclusion after conducting research on a sample of 24 respondents aged 20 to 55 years. All participants consumed kiwi one hour before bed every night for four weeks. After four weeks, they showed more sleepiness at bedtime and the time it took them to fall asleep was reduced.

"Total sleep time and sleep efficiency were significantly increased," the study authors claim, although they require further research to confirm these effects.

Clinical psychologist Michael Breus believes that kiwi is not the only food that induces sleep.

"This includes dark leafy greens, bananas, nuts, seeds, citrus fruits, tomatoes and whole grains. "Calcium-rich foods help increase melatonin levels," he claims.

Another frequently mentioned sleep-enhancing fruit is sour cherries. In a small study conducted by Louisiana State University, sour cherry juice extended the sleep time of elderly insomniacs by 84 minutes.


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