Research has shown why Instagram displays more nudity than other content!

A survey of the European Data Journalism Network has revealed something that many Instagram users have already noticed but cannot prove. Your feed will more often show photos of people wearing less clothes.

The bias of the algorithm that Instagram uses to select the content to be displayed, which is less related to the preferences of the users themselves, but this research also shows that without prior input of the new Instagram users, more nudity will still be displayed.


Of the more than 2.400 photos posted by influencers during the survey, 21% were labeled "naked" and it was expected that about the same number would be shown to their followers.

However, in the end, such photos were shown up to 30%. Naked female bodies were 54% more likely to be seen by more users, while men were 28% more likely to be seen.

The explanation for this phenomenon is the fact that Facebook and Instagram use advanced algorithms that estimate how much the post will cause reactions in the form of likes and comments, so they give priority to such content.

The algorithm also takes into account the past behavior of millions of users, who obviously prefer nudity, so there is a situation where the phenomena that occur more often and thus are in a circle are multiplied.

Facebook and Instagram deny that they analyze the content of the photos and that they give priority to nudity, but they repeat that the users are shown content that they think will be interesting.

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