Investigation in Kosovo about the provocateur who stole a photo from the fireplace and lied that Vanja was with him

The Kosovo Police has launched an investigation to find the owner of the Facebook account which, under the name "Mosque in Podujevo", played with the feelings of the family of the missing Vanja Gjorchevska (14) yesterday and tried to instill panic and fear among concerned citizens. From this profile, an unknown person or persons wrote to the girl's mother yesterday that Vanja is safe in Kosovo as well, cruel misinformation that part of the public believed, and some media copied it. The Facebook profile, which presents itself as "Mosque from Podujevo", uses a stolen photo of a priest from Albania, Arber Berisha, who Free Press today he confirmed that he was already contacted by the head of the computer crime department of the Kosovo police, who informed him that the Kosovo police is opening an investigation into the account that stole his photo.

"Sloboden Pechat" contacted several mosques in Podujevo yesterday and they told us that they do not have any information about Vanja. By reverse searching the photo from the fake Facebook profile that featured an Islamic religious person, we found the true identity of the person in the photo. It's about imam Arber Berisha from Tropoja, Albania.

-I am already familiar with this profile, which I reported to the police several times because often through it someone, or a criminal group, abused the believers by misusing my name. He gave them advice and then asked them for money using my name and introducing himself from different locations in the world. This profile has nothing to do with any mosque in Podujevo. Please try to find the intruder, because I tried, but nothing helped to delete this profile, Imam Berisha told "Sloboden Pechat" in a telephone conversation.

It is not excluded that the unscrupulous manipulator is part of structures that aim at wider destabilization and distracting the attention of the police in the investigation that is being conducted around the clock to find Vanja Gjorchevska.

Vanja Gjorchevska is 14 years old. On Monday at 7:20 a.m., she left her home in the Skopje Debar Maalo neighborhood and headed to the "J.H. Pestalozzi" of teaching. On the way to school, all trace of her is lost.

Vanya wore black pants with side pockets, a light blue sweater, a black short winter jacket and white Nike sneakers with a brown stripe on the sole. She was last seen in Debar Maalo on the way to "Pestaloci". She is 175 centimeters tall, weighs 58 kilograms, has dark brown hair and brown eyes, wears dentures on her upper and lower teeth and has a mole on the right side of her face. He carries a backpack and an "iPhone" mobile phone with him.


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