Bizarre details have surfaced about King Charles: His shoelaces are ironed, his son calls him a fool


British journalist and writer Omid Scobie (42), who in his new book "Last Game" focuses on the royal family, described it king charles as "a pampered member of the royal family whose servants even iron his shoelaces", transmits "San".

He claims that the king insists on sleeping on luxurious and perfectly ironed bedding when he travels. Omid also states that he asks the staff to squeeze out exactly two centimeters of the toothpaste.

In the book "The Last Game", which will arrive in English bookstores on November 28, the journalist also writes about the king's relationship with Prince Harry.

According to Omid, the king calls his son "that fool" after the prince's Netflix documentary was released. He also pointed out that Charles used problems with Harry on one occasion to improve his public image.

However, in the new book Omid does not only write about the king. He also criticizes her Kate Middleton, who he described as "a woman who is terrified to do anything but smile for the photographers."

According Prince William wrote that he was "increasingly associating with palace courtiers who hatch dirty plans" and that he had never liked his younger brother's wife, Megan Markle.

Omid also claims that Charles is jealous of William because of his position and is aware that his reign is transitory.

By the way, Omid is also the author of the book "Finding Freedom", in which he writes about Harry and Meghan's decision to move to America.

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