A new Eurovision scandal has erupted, Romania claims: We did not give Ukraine a maximum of 12 points!

Ukraine Eurovision
Ukraine is this year's winners of the 66th edition of Eurovision / EPA-EFE / ALESSANDRO DI MARCO

Following the accusations of cheating at Eurovision, the head of the Romanian delegation also announced: Juliana Marchuk, which claims that the 12 points that Bucharest assigned them to Moldova belonged to Ukraine and that he did not understand why the EBU annulled their jury vote.

Marchuk claims that the Romanian jury complied with all the rules set by the EBU.

- I called from Turin in Bucharest, I asked them to give me the result, because until that moment I did not know the details of how the jury is organized in the studio. I found out that the voting was organized according to all the rules of the EBU, with the obligatory presence of the recorder, who arrived in the studio in front of the members of the jury. The members of the jury could not communicate with each other. They could not talk. Each person signed their own votes. They did not even see the final result of the jury. "We do not know what the problem is!" Marchuc told Romania's Telejurnal.

Recall, on Saturday night, during the grand final, the European Broadcasting Union sent a vague statement stating that it had discovered "irregular voting patterns" discovered among six unnamed countries after the second rehearsals for the second semifinal. The votes of their juries were annulled and replaced by a "substitute aggregate result for each country to which this applies for both the second semi-final and the grand final" (calculated based on the results of other countries with similar voting results). It quickly became known that it was Azerbaijan, Georgia, Montenegro, Poland, Romania and San Marino.

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During the live broadcast, three of these countries, including Romania, had "technical difficulties", with the EBU Executive Supervisor Martin Osterdal, read the results aloud himself. However, videos appeared showing that the Romanian host was ready to utter the points, but the video was quickly interrupted.

"Romanian television is fully committed to participating in Eurovision 2022, paying the registration fee and preparing, together with its VRS team, a project that enjoyed public recognition. However, we were surprised to find out that the result of the Romanian jury voting was not included in the final ranking list, with the organizers awarding another set of points to the finalists, on behalf of the jury of our country. "We specify that the jury in Romania has decided to award the maximum number of points to the representatives of Moldova," reads a statement on Romanian television.

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