Honestly with Viktor Tosevski: Blindness is not an obstacle to playing and composing music

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Viktor Tosevski was born blind, but he has impeccably great musical talent, with his hearing, he can play everything he hears. Maybe he does not walk safely on the city asphalt and for him there are many problems from everyday life, but that is why with the virtuoso playing of piano and percussion instruments he climbs to the top of the art world.

photo - private archive

- I have loved music since I was a child, since I can remember. First I showed a desire for percussion instruments, I loved them very much, because I paid attention to rhythm, I had a feeling for both melody and harmony - says Victor.

Victor was born blind, but that did not stop him from cultivating and studying music.

- Blindness is not an obstacle for me to love and play music. There is no obstacle for me to technically learn to interpret. "You can learn to play any instrument," he explains.

Victor replaced the learning of notes and scores with the use of hearing instead of sight.

"I memorize the compositions, I try them tact by tact, for example if we play the piano, I try first with my right hand, then with my left hand, and finally I combine them and learn them by heart," Victor told us.

From the very beginning, Victor dedicated his education to music.

photo - private archive
photo - private archive

- First I studied in lower music, there I started with percussion instruments, then I continued in DMBUC "Ilija Nikolovski - Luj". There I decided on a theoretical direction, my main subject was music theory. Today I am a student of Europa Prima, I am studying music composition.

He is 22 years old, he wants to compose music, he can not choose a favorite composer, but he knows that while he breathes he will love and play music. In the future he is seen as a recognized composer.

- I like to play various compositions. It is difficult for me to choose a composer or a composition, there are perfect works. "I have not finished my work yet," he said.

Victor also sang in the choir of "Golden Nightingale", and twice performed at the festival as a singer.

- I devote a lot of time and attention to music. From small until today. It takes a lot of effort and a lot of exercise. It's not simple, but in the end it's worth a lot. There is no obstacle, you just need to move forward and have the desire and perseverance. Life always brings challenges, just go ahead and everything will be overcome - in the end Victor advises us.

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