Frankly with Tamara Todevska: "Niagara" is proof that anyone can move forward

Tamara Todevska
Tamara Todevska/ Photo: Martin Trajanovski

Her new song "Niagara", which comes out today, dedicates it to all the people who at some point felt vulnerable and disappointed. Although she is a very emotional person and her life has changed since she divorced her husband last year, Tamara Todevska says that it is not all that dark for her. And while she is getting ready to promote new songs on the regional market, the most important things for her are local, domestic events - the well-being of her children, Hana and Darren, whom they take care of together with their father, Aleksandar Dimitrovski - Macka. For the first time in public, the pop star talks about the divorce and how painful and stressful the separation from Cat was, as well as about her current everyday life with the children. An important figure in her life is her sister Tiana, and her heroine is Lila Stojanovska, whom she gave great support to after announcing her fight with breast cancer.

Today, your new song, in Serbian, is being promoted. How do you subjectively experience this song and what do you think, how will it go over with the Serbian audience?

– "Niagara" is the title of my new song, which is accompanied by a video. We have been preparing this song for a long time and we were looking for the right moment to release it. The song is in Serbian, but it is intended for the entire region. We also made a fairly high-quality video, and hence I believe that we will have good promotion in Macedonia, but also in the countries of the region (Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro).

Tamara Todevska
Tamara Todevska / Photo: Martin Trajanovski

You are also part of the authors of this song, you have a part in writing the music. Have you composed before and at what moment did the idea and inspiration for the melody come to you?

- Yes, I am calling as the author of the text, together with my colleague and friend Lazar Cvetkoski. The original idea for the text is mine. The inspiration came to me completely by chance, unexpectedly, so I continued to write it, and Laze gave me support in that process. It's my first time as a songwriter, and it's a different, but also a very valuable experience, because you reach a certain musical maturity, but also when you're among the author's team, you feel the song even more as your own and you connect with it. The first experience was great and I am convinced that in the future I will be part of the author's team of various songs.

In what period of life should you be, and you and artists in general, what should happen to you in order to create a good love song?

- There is no rule. Inspiration, an idea can appear literally at any moment. After all, that spontaneity and the absence of pressure, in my opinion, are key prerequisites for an artist to express himself. "Niagara" came about completely spontaneously, and the song refers to all people who at some point felt vulnerable, disappointed. "Niagara" is for all those who have been unfairly labeled to know that there is ultimately a solution, and that is to continue the fight. It is dynamic, fast, with an interesting music video and I hope you will like it.

Last year she confirmed that she separated from her husband, how often do you communicate now?

– We communicate with Macka every day. We have two children, who, above all, I want to have a happy and fulfilled childhood. Hannah and Darren have two parents, and to me it's very healthy and normal for communication between parents to continue even after they separate. It is in the interest of children, who are in a specific period, because they are relatively "small", but they understand absolutely everything. They are now growing, acquiring habits and shaping their character. That is why the responsibility of parents is great, and the happiness of Hannah and Darren is our imperative.

At what point did you know that your marriage was going to end, that you would no longer be together, and most of all, are there signs that show when a love is over?

- In every marriage, in every relationship it is different. There are no unified and unique rules. Partners know best when the marriage/relationship is no longer working and they decide to separate. I will say it again, the interest of the children is very important during separations. In no case should we transfer disappointment and anger to children and have them represent a ping pong "ball".

I know you as a very emotional person, how did you deal with this life change?

- If I say that it was easy for me - I would be lying. Every separation is painful and stressful and I'm not ashamed to admit it. Somehow many like to talk about moving on immediately, that divorce can also be a new possibility... I don't know, I didn't get into that movie, because in my opinion, we should never hide our emotions and deceive ourselves.
I have two beautiful children, I'm surrounded by sincere friends, I do the work I love and it's not all dark at all.

Tamara Todevska
Tamara Todevska / Photo: Martin Trajanovski

What does your everyday life look like now, an ordinary day when you live alone with Hannah and with Darren, who helps you with your chores?

– Like many others, that's how my day goes (laughs). We wake up, get ready for kindergarten and school, so I continue to exercise and then other responsibilities follow. Sometimes I spend several hours in the studio when we prepare new music. I meet with my colleagues, we arrange performances and then the second part of the day begins, when Hannah and Darren finish their duties at school and kindergarten, but the domestic "chaos" begins. A lot of laughter, but also after some quarrel between brother and sister.
I must also mention our Radica, a wonderful woman who helps us with household chores and we all love and respect her immensely.

He was recently in Mauritius. Which moment of this trip will you not forget for the rest of your life?

- I had a wonderful time. We were a female group from Macedonia and we had a truly unforgettable trip. Well, I will remember more moments. Mauritius is a special destination. If I had to single out a special moment, it would probably be the experience in the adrenaline park, on the zipline. But I will also remember the friendship. At the end of the day, as cliché as it sounds, the most important thing is who you share the good moments with.

Lila Stojanovska was also part of the crew on this trip, he supported her when she announced her fight with breast cancer. How regularly do you go for routine examinations and mammography?

- Lila is a real heroine and her fight should be an example for all of us. To beat cancer, but also to behave with dignity and sobriety during the entire illness - is really a rarity. I'm glad she decided to speak out about her fight and motivate everyone else facing the disease to be strong, believe and fight.
I regularly go for check-ups and I urge all women, as well as men, to get checked regularly. Preventive medicine is key to protecting ourselves from disease. I know we are all stressed by hospitals, examinations, but it is the only way to protect ourselves, considering that we live in a really stressful and dynamic time.

What traits of yours do you recognize in your children, and which ones would you not want them to inherit?

- I'm glad that they are themselves, have character, are energetic and if they set their mind to something, they will do everything to achieve it... so they inherited traits from their mother as well (laughs). We all have positive and negative sides, including children. Both Hannah and Darren are still growing, maturing and building as individuals. Both Cat and I insist on not imposing our views or wishes on life. The two attend kindergarten, school, socialize and those environments, among other things, will help them to discover themselves. Therefore, I think it is too early to make any selection of good and bad traits. The only thing that matters to me is that they are healthy, happy and smiling. And Cat and I will always be here to support them.

It's been many years since you haven't released a new album. Will there be new songs soon and is it worth it to press a CD or vinyl these days, which is popular again?

– This topic is often discussed, how profitable it is nowadays to release an album, considering that music has mostly moved to digital platforms (YouTube, Spotify, Deezer, etc.). Absolutely there are many pros and cons to this topic, but what I can say is that there will be a lot of new music from me. Last year, we closed the end of 2022 with "Zamizhi", with which I also performed at the "Makefest" festival. And now I continue with "Niagara". There will be many new songs, performances and concerts.

Tamara Todevska
Tamara Todevska / Photo: Martin Trajanovski

It's been 22 years since you've been on the music scene. Somehow it was as if your 20th anniversary passed quietly and you didn't emphasize it much. Are you planning big concerts or any bigger projects?

- Many new songs, performances and concerts are coming, both in Macedonia and in the region. Macedonian performers have always performed well in the countries of former Yugoslavia, and I know that there is also interest in our music there. So, I will be much more present in Belgrade, Zagreb, Sarajevo. "Stay tuned!"

What advice from your sister Tiana will you never forget, when Tiana was the most in your life and you hers?

– Ugh, I can't tell, because we are really very close. There were dozens and dozens of tips. Tiana and I are really connected and that sisterly love and support literally runs through my life, both in my personal life and in my music career. We are both part of the music world and maybe that contributed to understanding each other more, helping and supporting each other. We constantly see each other, hear each other and find each other, both for the good and for the less beautiful things. Life, my Milice... a life full of different moments, with people, experiences, but we must live in full breath.


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