Honestly with Kristina Dimitri: I've been waiting for my new partner all my life, he's selfishly keeping me to himself

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The model and singer Kristina Dimitrievska, known as Christina Dimitri, has a new love. She says that she is happy that she finally found someone in her life whom she can say is her better half. Although she still does not want to reveal the name of her boyfriend, she says that she does not hide her love story with him, which began in Belgrade, Serbia. He says about his partner: "He wakes me up with coffee, often knows how to surprise me with flowers and keeps me only to himself."

In the conversation for "Sloboden Pechat", we talk with Kristina Dimitri about new love, the challenges of being a single mother, the ex-husband who doesn't call to see his son, beauty and many other topics.

She recently posted photos with her new boyfriend. You do not hide that you are in love. are you happy

– I have been in public since I was 15 years old, but now for the first time I publish photos with my stronger half. Maybe because I have a stronger waist for the first time. This time I am really happy.
Our love story started in Belgrade, and when a woman is loved the way he loves me, I can only say that she is the person I have been waiting for all my life. And I don't want to reveal his name yet, at least for now let it stay that way.

How did love begin? And how do you maintain a love relationship considering that he is from Serbia?

- To be honest, our love affair started the second we met. He told me, "You're the one, that's it." Since then we have not separated, we are together always and everywhere, and I am really happy. I will not hide and I say with joy - my partner sincerely loves me and keeps me selfishly only for himself. But when it comes to work, naturally he supports me and is always by my side.

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Son David recently had a birthday celebration. What kind of party did you give him this time?

- My son David is my greatest treasure in my life. Yes, the other day he celebrated his birthday and we had the best time in the world. My partner also came, who brought me the most beautiful bouquet of flowers.
Me, my brother, my mother and my father always throw parties for David according to his wishes. This time it was the video game Minecraft, and David was overjoyed.

How do you manage to manage between motherhood and career?

– What I do allows me to be with him much more than other parents with a daily job. Well, I'm with David all week, and I only perform on the weekend. I manage between motherhood and career because I have a queen mother, a brother as the biggest support and an understanding father.

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After the separation with the ex-husband, you often knew how to say that you are both the mother and the father of the son. Does David see his father?

– Everything that is part of my past, I would leave it there somewhere far away. It's called the past for a reason. But yes, it is. I am both David's mother and father. I emphasize that the biological father does not see David, nor does he call. And here somewhere I would put an end to this topic.

He announced that he has another child with his current wife. Did David meet his half-brother?

- David has one brother, and that is my brother, who has been his only male figure since the day David was born.

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You are considered a beautiful and attractive woman. Do you consider it an advantage in building your career?

– Beauty can often be a curse. But often a smile opens many doors. It is difficult to deal with "attacks" from people who want to appropriate you, they cannot separate work and emotions. But there are always professional people. It is important to keep to yourself.

You often know how to publish provocative photos. Do you face unpleasant comments and how much do they affect you?

- After the coronavirus pandemic, I was the first to start singing and we boldly "jumped into cold water". I was hired every weekend and that was what was condemned – my provocative clothes and the Serbian songs I sang. After a while I started to see my way of dressing sexy in other pop singers who started singing turbo-folk. So, people are like that – they judge first, and then they take ideas. And bad comments… that will always exist.

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Do you have support from your parents? What did you inherit from them and are you a strict mother?

- I have always had the support of my parents, and I inherited real life values ​​from them. I, on the other hand, am not a strict mother, but since I also have the role of a father, sometimes I have to be strict.

Modeling or a music career? What are your future plans?

- Modeling is my dream come true - the first crown at the age of 15, and then fashion shows for world brands, photo shoots, Balkan and world titles.
Music is, however, a never-ending love and inspiration. These days I will go to Belgrade, where I have to finish a video with Snek Media. The song is the work of the great Darko Dimitrov. As for the performances, there will be news for them as well.

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