Honestly with Iva Spasovska: My great-grandfather sewed for generals and commanders, and I grew up among tailors and tailors as a child.

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Iva Spasovska considered one of our most talented young fashion designers. Those who follow the fashion scene still remember her last year's show, when 650 guests came to see Spasovska's new collection.

And it's no coincidence that she deals with fashion design, that's why four generations of design because that's four generations of her family deal with this work.

In the interview for "Sloboden Pechat", we talked with Spasovska about her beginnings, love for fashion, style and challenges.

He celebrated his birthday a few days ago. Besides we change from year to year, does getting older make you more confident?

- I am happy that I have the capacity to change. Chameleon and phoenix are my middle names, and it means development and maturation. Of course, it makes me more confident because every year I know more and more who I am and what I want.

However, like any girl or woman, does age scare you?

- Age does not scare me in any case. On the contrary, they make me happy because I selfishly guard the childish spirit and will not let anyone take it away from me. I know that even at the age of 94 I will be young, crazy and modern.

What is the privilege of always being able to dress your best?

- Honestly, I always give preference to my female clients. Well, if there is time for me, then I make my own creations, which may not be the most suitable for me personally, but it is the most professional. However, it's wonderful when the moment comes for special creations and I don't have to turn to anyone but myself. I can make my dream come true by myself, whenever I want.

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What is your favorite combination?

– Sometimes I'm a lady, and sometimes I'm a mangupka. It cannot be defined for me and I love myself for being like that. I have no definition, but I always have style.

Last year, the focus was on your fashion show which had over 650 guests. Did you expect so much attention and is it worth organizing such a fashion event?

- I have a long experience in holding my events, so I expected such a turnout, this time with many quality guests that filled my soul and proved to me that I walk on high paths, at least in our spaces. As for attention, it cannot be invited or bought. It follows a natural path and is a mirror of the overall work and image that is built throughout life. And is it worth it? Well.. I think so.

How did your fashion story begin?

- I have been with materials since I was very young. From my great-grandfather, who was the chief tailor for generals and commanders, to my grandfather, who founded a garment factory, and up to my father and mother, who continued it for another 30 years alone. Well, my brother and I, for as long as I can remember, have lived with seamstresses, tailors and materials. I can attribute it to karma, fate, but also love and an innate sense of touch, eye and aesthetics, above all.

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What was your first designer piece and do you keep it?

– The corset is my first piece that I designed. Even though I wanted it to be just mine, it immediately went like an "auction". Girls begged me to buy my first creations, which motivated me to turn my hobby into a business.

In your collections there are also sexy and daring combinations. Is there a message you want to send?

- Of course there is - every woman deserves to be attractive, confident and herself. Through my creations, I manage to raise the heads of all female beings and restore to them the strength that they themselves have within themselves, but someone tried to take away from them. It is unacceptable to me, to us women lives the power of boldness.

Are Macedonian women modern enough? And should trends be followed at all costs?

– I live from and with fashion, but not always with trends. So, in no way do I emphasize them – they are short and shallow, and the style is deep and timeless. That's why I aim to find that personal stamp in every woman, and then highlight it. Macedonian women are modern women, even much more than some other women from other parts of the world. I can say that because I have been to many places and seen a lot.

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Besides fashion, is there anything else we don't know about you? Do you love sports, do you have a hobby or a hidden passion?

- Hahaha, I'm a complex person, who mainly promotes what, at the moment, he lives on - fashion. Otherwise, as a creative and logician with multiple capacities (which I have tested with psychologists, scanners and computers), I am drawn to almost all arts – singing, acting, but also strategic and detective professions.

How much do you cooperate with Macedonian public figures and what are your experiences with them?

- I have collaborated with almost all of our pop artists, public figures and influencers. Thanks to that, now I know exactly who to continue with, and of course I am also open to new collaborations, without which the brand cannot shine with the same intensity as it does. In general, I am satisfied with every cooperation.

Do you go out often and what kind of music do you like? What song do you order in a bar and are you the type who enjoys such company?

- I go out only if the company and the bar suit me. It used to be very often and I didn't collect, but now as I mature, my circle narrows and I want it to be in a private company where it allows quality conversation with quality interlocutors. Otherwise, I listen to everything that is good for my ear, and lately that has also thinned out.

When I'm in a bar, I prefer old town songs, but not turbo folk. If the performer and the atmosphere touch me, I know to order something from their repertoire. As I said at the beginning, I am quite an adaptable person, but up to certain limits.

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