Honestly with Igor Dzambazov: Ilina and I are no longer together, the distance has taken its toll

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It's his new little paradise the village of Strezovce, near Kumanovo, where it is currently pending. In the log cabin where he spends his days, Igor Dzambazov he says that he fell in love at first sight, as well as the whole environment in which he finds his peace. Unfortunately, Igor is no longer with his great love, the mountaineer and artist Ilina Arsova. About the end of their love, Igor speaks for the first time in "Free Press", and says that the culprit simply does not exist.

A few months ago, Ilina went to America for doctoral studies, and the distance between them took its toll. He speaks with pride about what he learned from Ilina, as well as about his late father, maestro Alexander Zambazov, which is an inseparable part of his every day. He is kept company by his cat Emilia, but also by his friends, who come on an excursion to the Kumanovo area.

If Slepce and Dojran (Sretenovo) were your paradise, now it is the village of Strezovce. Where do you officially live - in Strezovce, Dojran or in Skopje? What is so magical about this village you talk about on Instagram?

- Good question. This is what it means. I live in Dojran and work in Skopje. Since I finished my duties in Skopje, and the house in Dojran is waiting for the spring and the masters, I decided to look for a place I have not been to before, and to "exercise" a little, as the young people would say. And I found it from the first, completely by accident. And what can I say, love at first sight. I am staying at the Mladenovski log house, a beautiful small ranch, owned by Liliana and Stefan, two young people with incredible vision and courage in business. Only one kilometer away are the sources of the famous Viziana water, with a fish restaurant, a park, and a zoo. I highly recommend Strezovce and this log cabin. Only 45 minutes from the capital.

Igor Djambazov/Photo: Private archive
Photo: Private archive

Are there moments when Igor Zambazov is bored? As far as you can tell from the photos and videos, you have no neighbors nearby. What do you do when you are alone, how much more productive are you, who cooks and cleans for you?

- This is exactly why people come to places like this. To be alone. As much as possible. But in just a few days I met many new characters from these parts, Kumanovo is 15 minutes away, so I go to Banjata, to the city, to do some shopping, banks-manki. Plus, whoever wants to from my loved ones comes for a day trip or a long weekend. The chalet is designed for up to 10 people, so there is room, and finally to answer your question...no, I'm not bored. I've been planning my day for years since yesterday, because I want to do as many things as possible, and I can tell you that my agenda is even more packed than the prime minister's, hehehe...

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Maestro Jambaz, if he were alive, he would be 87 years old. When his voice comes back into your head, when you think of a sentence he would say or a piece of advice he would give you, what is the first thing you think of?

- Well, these days were the anniversary of his death, and a few days later his birthday. Yes, the maestro is here. Every day. His jokes and aphorisms that he told me every time we saw each other, his beautiful smile, his music. I am happy that last year both the Macedonian Philharmonic and the Union of Composers did him a great honor, so they did two completely different, but unforgettable concerts, in the Ohrid summer and in Skopje. Jambaz deserved it. One of the last pieces of advice he gave me was: Son, I know you want to do many more things, but don't do it at the cost of your health. Health has no price...

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How is Ilina and how do you deal with "Illinopathy", and is there even a cure and the best way to console when you miss someone and are not physically next to you?

– Yes, it is a huge problem. The distance. The only thing that can beat love. Unfortunately, Ilina and I are no longer together. She has already decided that she wants to live there, she got a great job offer, the one she dreamed of for the last 10 years, and most importantly, she announced all this to me in the first days of our love. And finally, when the corona was officially no longer an obstacle to travel, she packed up, in the suitcase I gave her the day before, and left. Same as in "Bestraga". All stories are the same, sad like this one". All great loves are sad, but I am an adult and I have learned to deal with everything. I am asking all those who loved us and supported our love, not to look for culprits. There is no one to blame for all this. I still want you to continue to support Ilina in her actions, because she is one special woman that I had the privilege of being with for almost three years. I learned a lot from her, and I will use some of her advice until judgment day.

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How much did the travels around Macedonia help you in the realization of the program "Agenda 21"?

- On every trip through Macedonia, whether privately, whether at a concert with the band, recording, we discover a new wild dump. And that, sometimes in places you would never even think to look for. In the middle of the forest, to the spring… horror. It will take a long time for this people to change their mindset. This is exactly why "Agenda 21" exists. Let's raise the awareness of these young people. If it's not too late. Indeed, what Vesna Petrushevska is doing with those children, and for those children, is worthy of great affection. It is a pity that the state did not have a nose for this project. But fortunately, there are good and smart people, like those, for example, from "Pacomak" and "Zero Waste" who selflessly helped all this. But trips around Macedonia sometimes bring surprises on this topic. Let's say, here in Strezovce you have containers everywhere. Only on the main street you have every 75-100 meters. In Skopje, I have to walk 200 meters to throw garbage.

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You announced a joint theater project with Vesna Baby – will it be realized soon, and when can we expect you again in the regular repertoire of MNT?

– As long as the last question in an internet interview with an actor is the theater, there won't even be a theater... this does not apply to you Milice. About you, I know that you are the first in premieres, concerts and exhibitions. But really, as if such a time had come. A totally ignorant attitude towards all factors towards theatre, language, tradition. It will take us a long time to restore the theater to factory settings.



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