Isak Shabanovic conquers America, with a new image and top shape: In a month and a half I lost 20 kilos, and I even ate kebabs!

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Isak Šabanović became an overnight star after showing off his amazing vocals and charisma in the music show "Grand Stars". And after becoming popular not only in the region, but also in the diaspora, he decided that it was the right time to start eating healthy and losing weight.

A few years ago, the boy from the Montenegrin city of Bijelo Polje amazed the judges and the audience with his first performance at "Grand Stars". Since then, his career has been on the upswing, and this year he started to engage in a profitable business - renting old-timers. Meanwhile, as his fame in the region grew, Isaac decided to change his appearance as well, transforming from a chubby boy into a handsome man.

He lost even 20 kilograms and manages to keep his top shape. Now, as she prepares for a multi-city US tour starting on September 8, she has re-committed to the liposuction diet to bring her body shape to perfection. But also to "charge" with energy, because this very protocol guarantees weight loss without a drop in energy, but on the contrary - charging the "batteries" to the maximum.

Photo: Promo

He decided to look better on stage

For a long time, Shabanovic suffered from excess weight, which caused pain in his spine, knees and hips, he quickly got tired and felt a lack of energy, but he did not have enough willpower to "cut", so he often uttered the sentence "from Monday I will start with diet". Previously, he followed different diets, but the weight always returned. He admits that everyone told him that he had to lose weight and that he would sing better and look better on stage. In a conversation with other famous pop stars, Isaac learned about the liposuction diet and that in this way, many of them maintain their top shape. He thought, why shouldn't he try it too. He got in touch with "International Health" and with the help of the expert team started the weight loss protocol. And this is where his success story begins.

The pain in the spine disappeared with the weight

Already in the first 14 days he lost almost 10 kg, and in the first month even 15 kg. During the weight loss protocol, Isaac worked, traveled, prepared performances, and did not feel a drop in energy, nervousness, or hunger. He says that in Sarajevo he even ate kebabs, which are allowed in the liposuction diet, but of course without buns. Shabanovic points out that the new way of eating was not at all difficult for him and that he did not have a crisis for snacks, dough and other high-calorie foods, which, until recently, he used to consume. With the weight gain, the pain in the spine that he had previously disappeared. And when he saw how his stomach was "melting", that its volume had changed, he decided to go all the way. And so, in a month and a half he "lost" 20 kilograms! He says that the essence of the liposuction diet is to eat healthy fats and proteins and reduce the intake of carbohydrates. However, this is not only done with food, but the diet also includes certain supplements and accessories in the form of protein drinks.

That is, it is not a diet in the classical sense, but a clinically tested diet therapy treatment for rapid weight loss, which works on the principle of forcing the body to eat its own fat reserves. Herbal fiber and amino acids are used as aids, which provide nutritional balance, and the whole protocol is based on the Mediterranean diet.

By the way, liposuction diet is very popular in the region, and is practiced by many stars. With the help of the weight loss protocol, Neda Ukraden, Susana Mančić, Željko Samardžić, Halid Bešlić, Dejan Matić and many others, and even Kolinda Grabar Kitarović, lost weight.

Schedule a free consultation and consultation at the Lipo Diet Center of the International Health Macedonia (22 Dimitrie Cupovski Street, opposite the former McDonald's) or call 02 3151714, 070 535033. The weight loss protocol can be order at your home address.

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