"Iran in Europe": Warning to Serbia if it does not accept the plan for Kosovo

Photo: Aleksandar Vucic / Instagram

Members of the European Parliament have told their colleagues in the Serbian legislature what could happen if Serbia is not constructive in reaching a final comprehensive agreement with Kosovo, writes "N1".

"If the agreement is not accepted, Serbia will not be an island, but Iran in Europe", an unnamed member of the Serbian Parliament relays the words of his European colleague", according to "N1".

He adds that the MEPs say that the president of Serbia was told at the meeting with the representatives of the international "five" on January 20 that Serbia's entry into the EU can be achieved in 2030 and that this package should apply to all Western countries. Balkans.

Delegation of the European Parliament for inter-party dialogue, led by MEPs Vladimir Bilchik и Matjaz Nemetz, is visiting Serbia. During the morning, they talked with deputies in the Serbian parliament, and in the afternoon they met with Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, who wrote on social networks that they had "an honest exchange of opinions regarding the further progress of Serbia's European integration process" with the two European parliamentarians.

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