Iran and Sweden have completed a prisoner exchange

Iran Photo: EPA

Iran and Sweden have completed the exchange of prisoners, said the government of Oman, which mediated the process, DPA reported.

The citizens of both countries were transferred today to Muscat, the capital of the small state on the Persian Gulf.

Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Kristerson confirmed that two Swedish citizens have returned home.

According to information from Tehran, Hamid N., who was sentenced to life imprisonment in Sweden for mass executions of political prisoners in Iran in the late 1980s, has been released. The Iranian, 63, was sentenced in Stockholm in July 2022.

EU employee Johan Floderus and Saeed Assisi, who were sentenced to five years in prison in Iran, were released by Tehran, Christerson said. At least one other Swedish national, the doctor Ahmad Resa Jalali, is still in an Iranian prison.

Relations between Sweden and Iran have cooled significantly recently due to diplomatic cases. In May last year, Tehran executed a Swedish-Iranian dissident accused of terrorist activities. Critics have repeatedly accused Iran of trying to release Hamid N. imprisoning Swedish citizens.


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