Interview with Zuica Lazova: Naum won me over with his stature and his voice, and most of all with his soul as big as a mountain

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The singer and accordion teacher Zuica Lazova has been a part of the music scene for many years. Mother, wife, public figure, teacher, she says that all this makes her happy.

Last year, after many years of love, they finally married the singer Naum Petreski, with whom they have two children.

About love with Naum, what Zuica is like in private, why she didn't want to change her name and many other topics in the conversation for "Sloboden Pechat".

Did you manage to bring the Macedonian patriotic song closer to the young people with the "Makedonija vo srte te nosime" caravan?

- I hope so, Nikolce Micevski's arrangements are modern and really appealing to younger people, so I think we succeeded in that. The caravan "Macedonia in our hearts we carry you" is one of the most beautiful experiences I've had, performing in front of so many people who sang with us in one voice, it was a wonderful feeling.

Zuica, you have a beautiful and rare name. How did you get it?

- I was named after my grandmother Zuica, who came from Radovish, and as a child I didn't really like my name, so I forced my grandmother to change it together. Now I am proud to bear the name of my dearest and most wonderful person, my grandmother Zuica.

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Last year you married Naum in Ohrid. How did you decide after so many years?

- For a long time, we did not attach much importance to it, because we should get married and when, and somehow we didn't have time. But when the best men came from Australia, they took the initiative and that's how the wedding happened.

How long have you been together with Naum? Can you remember what won you over?

- We have been together for a very long time, and we have been living together for about 18 years and we are already of legal age. Naum won me over with his stature, with his voice, especially with his sense of humor, but most of all with his soul like a mountain.

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How do you get along with both a spouse and a colleague? Do you have disagreements in music?

– I believe that there is no relationship without disagreements, but we have successfully overcome them so far. Being colleagues is sometimes an advantage, but sometimes it is a burden. But in the end, love solves everything!

Daughter Macedonian and son Stefan chose music. Do they feel pressure because you and Naum are successful musicians?

- Yes, it is true that both children followed the musical path. A Macedonian is doing solo singing, and Stefan is in the folklore department at DMBUC "Ilija Nikolovski - Luj". Although many think that it is easier for the children because of us, because both Naum and I are musicians, but honestly I think it is the opposite, it is more difficult for them, because they will always compare the children with us.

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How much time do you spend in the kitchen and do you have any favorite recipes that you often prepare for the family?

- I am lucky to have my mother Anastasia and she is in charge of the daily menu, although I also enter the kitchen when I can. When I cook, it's mostly local dishes that are not practiced here, such as pastrami, bean-spinach pan, kapama, lentils... But Naum often knows how to surprise us.

How do you maintain your beauty? Do you have time to exercise and what is your opinion on cosmetic corrections?

– I would be lying if I said that I spend a lot of time in beauty salons, on the contrary, I rarely go. I practice at home, I tidy up at home, that's how it is most of the time. Otherwise, I have nothing against aesthetic corrections at all if it makes the woman happy! The only thing that bothers me is that with them women resemble each other and lose their peculiarities, characteristics. I haven't taken any action on that issue for now, and I don't know until when.

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What makes you happy and what can make you angry?

- The happiness of my loved ones makes me happy too, beautiful music, attention, little things, and sometimes a nice, cultural conversation with people... and unhappy, everything that is the opposite of this.

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