Interview with Tamara Volcheska: Ivona Yo is my biggest support in every field

Tamara Volcheska / Photo: Private archive

The pop singer Tamara Volcheska recently promoted her latest song "Heroy", which she says is her dynamic energy and something completely different from anything she has sung before.

It is no secret that she is the author of her songs and that she is happy to live her musical story.

In the interview for "Sloboden Pechat", we talk with Volcheska about challenges, music, support and friendship with Ivona Jo, about his career, and he revealed to us that he enjoys being in selected company, he likes to relax with a glass of wine...

Photo: Private archive

He recently promoted the new song "Hero". How is it different from your previous songs and how does it go over with the audience? And what is the message you want to send through the song?

– "Hero" is my dynamic energy, my speed of soul and what I give at performances, unlike previous songs that were more caressing and tender. This song carries its depth and weight in a different way than the previous ones.

The message… We are our own heroes. I left space through the video for all of us to ask ourselves how we "saved" ourselves in different life situations when we needed protection from others.

You are again the author of the song, and Ivona Jo directed the music video. What was the collaboration like, apart from professionally and privately you are friends with Ivona?

- Authorship has become a part of me, my music and my character, I don't know if I could sing something that doesn't spring from my being. Ivona is my biggest support in every field, besides my mother, of course, who shows joy and pride in immense doses whenever she sees me in public. To this day, he impatiently waits for my every outing, my every performance and guest appearance. And about Ivona, I would only say that each of us needs such a person, full of love, support and encouragement and, of course, every shared experience around music and everyday life. And she is my everyday life.

Photo: Private archive

It is no secret that you are the author of your poems. Where did the inspiration come from and where do you see yourself in this story? Would you turn to writing for others?

- Honestly, I have too high hopes and ambitions in my authorship. I found the music in the lyrics and I know I have a lot to give and offer on that matter. I also see people's reaction to everything I do, and that makes me happy, inspires me. And the main inspiration is feelings, emotions, situations from life, the past, the future, the present, every lesson learned and all the people who are and have been in my life. Of course, I would be happy to write for others and I am already entering into several such projects.

Are you planning to compete at some of the domestic festivals and are you thinking about cooperating with musicians outside our country, apart from here?

– I miss the competitive spirit in me. And I have already taken steps in that direction, but I will reveal the details when the time comes. I feel motivated, ambitious and eager for growth and development in every musical field. With this, the answer for cooperation with musicians outside our country would be - yes.

Photo: Private archive

Where did your love for music come from, when did you discover you had talent?

– Music has been simmering in me since I was little, but I could not have even guessed that it would be my life's path today. I participated in the school choir, in all kinds of projects in elementary and high school, we even had a high school band. It was a beautiful time. I wrote poetry. Connecting with Vesna Malinova, that is, she was the "culprit" for my first step, recording the first song in English.

How do you like to spend your time and what fulfills you the most?

- I write when I have inspiration, I read books when I need motivation and encouragement, I enjoy a well-brewed coffee sitting on a terrace or a good wine in a relaxed atmosphere.

Photo: Private archive

How often and where do you go out and do you have enough friends with whom you can share both good and bad things?

- Since I started frequent performances, I really try to avoid crowds and places that suffocate me, unless it is necessary to be present. Performances do their thing, so after a full weekend I like to do things that regenerate me, recharge batteries in nature. And friends, I will use the verse "I have my own little world and a Chinese wall around it". I'm not unsociable, but as time passes, I want to spend it with people who radiate light, who know how to rejoice and cry when you need it. I guess it means growing and maturing.

Is it difficult to succeed on the domestic stage and what are your future plans?

– Is it difficult or easy, I guess it is debatable and everyone with their own experiences and thoughts would answer this. But as much as we all know what kind of society we live in and in what circumstances we want to build a musical career, where the basic things don't have a normal way of functioning to begin with, I can say that it's not the easiest, but with faith, work, honesty and pure heart, above all, every obstacle is overcome and everything can be realized.

I decided to be one of those "pure and honest". Regarding the plans, I have a few little secrets that it is too early to reveal, and besides, I am also planning new performances, that is, to appear playing an instrument.

VIDEO | New piece of music: Tamara Volcheska has translated her most difficult moments into the song "Heroy"

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