Interview with Tamara Todevska: I gave love a chance, Luka makes me happy

Tamara Todevska and Luka Radoncic / Photo: Private archive

The pop singer Tamara Todevska, has been in love with the architect and designer Luka Radončić for a long time. She does not hide that she is fulfilled and happy, and they recently returned from a joint trip from Madrid. She says about herself that she is not a person with a big ego and that she is aware that she often puts her privacy on a "tray" to the public, but she attributes that to her character.

"That's who I am... and I'm unlikely to change in the future." And this is not only in terms of love, but also literally in other segments of life," says Tamara.

We talk to Tamara about new love, the relationship with her ex-husband, music, motherhood and travels Free Press.

It has not been a secret for a long time that you are happy and in love. To begin with, what was the first thing that impressed you the most about Luka and what won you over? How did your love begin?

– Spontaneity, simplicity, positive energy are always the qualities that attracted me... Luka is very attentive and dedicated. Hence, it is clear why we work well.

Photo: Private archive

When he released the first photos, he caught the public's attention, how difficult is it for a public figure to balance between the public's love and curiosity?

- Well, as you say yourself, and everyone can see, I have no problem showing when I'm in love and when I love someone unconditionally. That is as good as it is bad. Because I put a part of my privacy, of my intimacy, on a "tray", but that's me. Always honest, direct and open to everyone. I do not have a big ego and I am aware that the world does not revolve around me. It would hardly change in the future. And this is not only in terms of love, but also literally in other segments of life.

Luka is a designer and architect, you are a musician, an artist. How much do you complement each other both as artists, but also as two people who love each other?

- Absolutely that both design and architecture are arts. We have common points, and I especially saw that during our last trip, to Madrid, last month. Luka likes architecture, he likes minimalism, he can often say what he likes or doesn't like in my new songs, videos, and that's completely acceptable to me.

Photo: Private archive

It is no secret that you are on good terms with your ex-husband. However, every breakup is difficult, how did you get over it?

- Absolutely, I have good communication with Cat. We have been married, we have spent many moments together, and Hannah and Darren are our children, whom we love very much and for whom we would do anything. Breakups are never easy. It is not easy when you break up with a friend, when you cut off communication, especially with a person with whom you have children. But that's life. I am strong, I am surrounded by sincere friends, colleagues, I love my job and that is how I moved forward.

As difficult as divorce is, especially because of children, is it ever the better option?

- Of course, you have to make an effort, give a second chance, but if you see that something just doesn't work and doesn't work - divorce is a better option for the children as well. Children should grow up in a healthy and quality environment. If the marriage loses the contours of happiness and harmony, then, first of all, for the sake of the children, you should make the change. Both Cat and I realized this, and that's why we now work well and take care of the children together.

Photo: Private archive

I believe your whole world revolves around Darren and Hannah after all. Are you a strict mother? How is it at home, can you get everything in order? And children and house and music?

– Sometimes it's chaos. Especially on weekdays. School, kindergarten, training, dance lessons, my work, studio recordings, rehearsals, interviews, performances... It's not simple, but I like it when it's dynamic. That's how I am by nature and the fast lifestyle doesn't bother me. Besides, these are nice things, sweet responsibilities, and it's really silly to complain.

What impresses me is your appearance. Quite weakened. Do you exercise, do you pay attention to your food, were you on a special regimen?

- Little by little. I exercise continuously, I move more, I am active... In addition, I pay attention to food, although I know how to make concessions. However, the key is in balance and in inner happiness and peace. If you feel beautiful inside, it is also reflected on the outside.

How often are you in the kitchen and do you have a recipe that you prepare with great love?

- Not that the kitchen is my favorite place, but I know how to cook, prepare lunch. Especially during the holiday season, I kind of get caught up in that cooking mania. I cook literally everything. Meat, vegetables, pasta...

Photo: Private archive

You often travel, is there a place that is particularly close to your heart?

– A difficult question. But any place that faces the sea is close to my heart. I love sun, water, sea, that freshness in the air. I just enjoy it. I would not reserve a place, but it is important that it is at the sea, by the water.

Let's talk about the music. Your performances are always full, you are always engaged. Is it difficult to maintain popularity with all the ups and downs over the years and what is the secret of success?

- It is not easy. Although many think that in Macedonia, we few artists live on "old glory", this is not the case at all. You have to constantly work, release songs, follow the trends, the taste of the audience, remain yourself and authentic, but also adapt to the new times. I am happy that I can sing original music and that the audience sings 90 percent of the songs with me. There is no greater reward than that for an artist.

How much easier is the road to conquering the Serbian scene because of your sister Tijana? On the other hand, the competition is great?

- Tijana is a huge support for me, not only for the regional scene, but also for Macedonia. And she is often with us and we talk constantly, she gives me advice... Serbia is another "market". Tiana is very established there and absolutely I have a good foundation to work there as well. I have several songs in the Serbian language and visiting Belgrade is really a pleasure for me. I am always welcome there, the audience accepts me and there is some nice energy. True, there is overproduction in Serbia, the competition is great, but I think they have a stage and space for everyone. A week ago I was in Serbia, preparing new music, so follow me, there will be good news.

Photo: Private archive

If you cut it all down, what's your favorite song you've ever sung?

- "Proud" is the song for which I have wonderful memories and it brought me the greatest success, both for my career and for Macedonia, during the affirmation of the country on the Eurovision stage. I'm always especially emotional and happy when I remember Eurovision 2019, Tel Aviv, that team, energy and the moments when all of Europe gave us 12s... Ugh, I don't know if I could separate, but every song is for me dear and at some point marked a part of my life. But if I have to single out, it would be "Goodbye Tago" and my first song that I call myself as a songwriter, "Niagara".

What are the new challenges and what are the reactions for the song "Ego" with Young Daddy?

- "Ego" has been on the air for several days and is doing really well. I read and hear a lot of positive comments and that makes me happy. The song is trending on YouTube and is already being heard on local radio stations. Dadi is a really talented young artist and I always like to support our local artists on the rise. I want to thank the whole team that worked on this project, especially Robert Bilbilov, who created the music and arrangement, Genz Halimi, who directed the music video, and everyone else who made sure our look and everything looked like it was imagined. At the same time, I am preparing and recording other songs, which you will certainly be notified about. We are also preparing a surprise for September, the beginning of autumn, but let that be an occasion, a reason for another of our conversations.

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