Interview with Sashko Kotsev: I look forward to my daughter's toys sometimes more than she does

Photo: Facebook/Sashko Kotsev

More than 6.000 people have had fun watching the Slovenian film so far "Something Sweet" and that only in Skopje. The romantic comedy with Sasko Kocev и Jelena Jovanova, in which the director of the film, the Slovenian stand-up comedian Tin Vodopopivec, also plays, is a story that wins you over from the first. He talks about the wrong idealization of the characters who very easily became experts in a certain field and received the epithet guru. Exactly one such "guru" is Ace Majstorovski, who, due to his omission, will enter into a triangle with pastry chef Gogi and event organizer Kaya (Jelena Jovanova).

Sashko is the co-producer and co-writer of the film that arrived in the region at the right time, to make us aware that real life is not only photos and videos from social networks and the race for the number of views. Every person, as Sashko says, should know how to enjoy the little things without rushing, such as, for example, the taste of a nice dessert - something sweet.

In the interview with "Sloboden Pechat", apart from the film, Sashko talks about his daughter Joana and his wife, who is his best critic.

Ace Majstorovski, who you play in the movie "Something Sweet", is a marketing guru. Nowadays it seems to be getting easier and easier to contact someone with a guru, expert or specialist. How do you see the easy obtaining of these epithets?

- This is exactly why we made this film, about the wrong and unfounded idealization and idolization of such characters. I still wonder how they reach that epithet, how they convince others, but also how they convince themselves of it. I am a person who constantly questions, questions and checks himself. But some people just fall in love with themselves quickly.

Sashko Kotsev / Photo: Facebook/Sashko Kotsev

What kind of character is Ace, and what is the pastry chef who will replace him? Can you find character similarities between the two and do you meet similar characters in everyday life?

- Every time I work on a character, I try to find such a model from life and that always helped me a lot. By the way, these two characters are diametrically opposite and that was exactly my challenge to accept these two roles. Otherwise, the film is about the last chance in life of one character and the first chance of the other character.

How did the premieres of the film go in the cities of the former Yugoslavia, are there different reactions from, say, Macedonian to Slovenian audiences?

- Each audience reacts to different things, different scenes and loves different characters from the film. In Slovenia, the only handicap was that it was a Slovenian film, and the main characters were played by Macedonians who were seeing them for the first time, so that took away a percentage of the audience and sales. But unlike there, it's the opposite here, the audience knows us well, trusts us and doesn't think about going to the cinema and watching the film.

Sashko Kotsev and Jelena Jovanova
Sashko Kotsev and Jelena Jovanova / Photo: Facebook/Sashko Kotsev

Working on this comedy, what was your experience with the Slovenian cast, was it fun? Does the "myth" still exist that Slovenians are a cold people?

- I don't think they are a cold people, but on the contrary very emotional, overly polite and empathetic towards others, only that they don't express it in a way that is familiar and characteristic to us. Everyone is very professional in their work and do not comment at all on other people's work which is more typical for us. A great experience with a great crew, and believe me, there is no film that is more fun to shoot. It's stressful, nerve-wracking, chaotic and uncertain, especially when you're shooting on a very low budget. But we do our work cheerfully and cheerfully.

How much does your wife know how to be a strict critic, has it ever happened that she directly told you that you didn't play a play so successfully, found a flaw in a film or a scene in a series, in an advertisement?

– Always, the sharpest and most refined critic, who does not even choose the words for any of my works. If he passes by her, then I'm safe.

Sashko Kotsev with his wife Smiljana / Photo: Facebook/Sashko Kotsev

Now you are Joanna's father, and looking back, in your childhood at another time, what kind of child and teenager were you, did you manage to realize at least part of your dreams at that time?

– The dream I dreamed then, I am literally living and enjoying it now. Otherwise, I have to admit that I was quite shy as a child, but this is how I suppressed that shyness, by getting on the stage, on the boards that mean life.

How possible is it in today's fast and digital time to manage to stay "normal", to make friends live, to keep long-standing friends, to be happy with little things?

- Believe me, I am very happy about little things, sometimes I am more happy about Joana's toys. And, old friendships do not die out. It's a friend - the one you meet even after 3 years, and it feels like a day has passed. And, for normal, here I am trying, others will tell how I am doing, hahahahahahahaha.

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