Interview with Mia Kostova: I recognized my son Andrija in little Nikola

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Mia Kostova in the past days she is a hero for many, because on her initiative she motivated 24 people in just 300 hours and gathered 18.000 euros which will be intended for the treatment of a boy who is a student in the fourth grade at "Johan Heinrich Pestalozzi" OOU. As a caring and devoted mother, Mia tells the "Free Press" that she recognized her own son Andria in little Nicholas and tells how his parents reacted when they heard about the donations. She says about herself that she has always been emotional and empathetic, and those close to her know her as Mia, who will never understand how much she can do and who she is. About the humane story that happened in just one day, the famous presenter and influencer speaks frankly in this interview.

At what exact moment did you decide that you would try to help Nikola, did you believe from the start that you would succeed and who was the first to meet you?

– I am always guided by intuition and I never think things out for too long, nor was this a big plan. Honestly, on the first post I recognized Andria in little Nikola and I didn't stop thinking about him for two days. This was followed up by people who know the parents, and who also know little Nikola, and I had no idea how to push the donations to go faster, so I properly asked myself on Instagram if anyone had any ideas. sweetthingsmk were the first to call. who gave her the idea and that's how it all started. Message after message, donation after donation, a miracle happened.

How much money and other donations have been collected so far?

- I don't have exact information, we knew the amount in money approximately currently, and around 300 small businesses donated their products, which were on sale with a donation for Nikola. I am immensely grateful to absolutely everyone.


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Did you hear from Nikola's relatives or him personally, how did they react when they found out what was done in record time?

- I only spoke with Nikola's father about the large donations, people from the beginning to the end were not very aware of what was happening, they did not follow us on social networks, they were not in Macedonia, they were quite confused at every call I made, but I absolutely believe that they are equally happy like all of us.

Perhaps some of your personal stories inspired you to do this humanitarian work, was there a time when you needed help and didn't get it in a difficult situation?

- No, it didn't happen to me, thank God and God grant that no one needs it. I am very emotional by nature and I am very touched by stories of this type. Well, even stories about abandoned animals or any need for help.


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Were there other similar initiatives that you haven't talked about yet, and you were an active participant?

- I am not a person who speaks when he does it, nor will I speak in the future. This time it had to be like this. I know how much, where and how I have helped.

When you saw how much the work with donations is progressing, how did you react, when you go to bed at night after a story like this - what do you think to yourself?

- I had no idea that this would end like this in less than 24 hours. The first night I did not sleep at all, especially after the donation of 10.000 euros. On the other hand, my only thought is that we are all alive, healthy and in numbers. Those close to me know me as Mia who will never realize how much she can and who she is. I don't think anything special about myself except that I am aware that I have an army of people who believe in me. And that is what gives me incredible happiness in my soul. To achieve this you don't need to be famous, you need to be trusted. Once again if I could, I would personally go and hug all 300 people who stood behind this story.


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