Interview with Elena Stojanovska-Jankovska: I fell in love with my husband at a trans party, luckily he fell in love with me too

Photo: Bojan Stoilkovski/ Private archive

She has been in front of the TV cameras since she was 16 and is in love with her profession, even though when she was younger she dreamed of becoming a writer. Elena Stojanovska-Jankovska she is privately in love with her husband Fiery and daughter Or at. Hardly anyone would think that she is 42 years old, her youthful appearance and positive spirit are just some of the qualities that make her loved by viewers of TV Sitel, as well as by her relatives and friends. Regardless of whether she is tired or not, Elena is up almost every morning from 5 o'clock, smiling, and conveys her good mood to the viewers of the morning program "I love Macedonia". People often approach her to greet her, and when they see her in an informal edition, they say that they experience her differently, and she has a nice word for everyone. Elena for Free Press tells the love story with her husband, tells about what kind of mother she is and what things make her life beautiful and full.

Photo: Private archive

Getting up very early to be on time for the Morning Program has long been a part of your everyday life. Are there days when you are tired, have no energy and would like to rest for an extra hour? What do you do when it's not your day and you need to smile in front of the cameras?

- Of course, there are days when I don't feel like getting up at 5 in the morning, when I want to turn off the phone, turn away and sink into a sweet sleep again. But I consider that I have a responsible profession, I have been on the air since I was very young and I respect the audience and the media in which I have worked. Well, when it's not my day, I drink coffee, I try to have a good time with my colleagues and in the end everything ends well.

Do you remember your first appearance on TV, in which show you were and at what age, how did you overcome your nervousness as a beginner?

- I remember it like it was yesterday. Ugro should have announced that from now on the music show 100% on A1 television (and there were only two music shows at that time) will be hosted by a girl. At that time I had just turned 18 and had only two years of radio experience, so I was behind the cameras waiting to be called and start. Before I stood on the stage, I had a strange feeling that I was going to disappear, but as soon as I stepped there with the first spoken word, I realized that I am very beautiful and that I enjoy being under the spotlight. From then on, I have never felt nervousness or nervousness, maybe just some beautiful excitement, adrenaline that I no longer recognize over the years, but it certainly exists in me. To this day, I mention uncle Laze Pakovski and I don't know how he was not afraid to entrust me with such a big project at that time. I thank him for believing in me.

Photo: Bojan Stoilkovski

What else are you by profession, are you a journalist by vocation and have you done anything else, apart from in the media?

- Although I have been working in the media since I was 16, I thought I would be a writer. My favorite book was The Lover by Margaret Dyras at the time, so I thought I would write romance novels and so I enrolled in the Department of General and Comparative Literature. My college days are over, but I've stayed in the media and haven't published a novel yet, but who knows (hahahaha).
I have a master's degree in human resource management, so I incorporate the knowledge into my work when there is a need. New staff, young people, are constantly coming, we train them, and so I am very happy that education helps me in my career.

Recently, on our joint trip to Turkey, you were approached by a lady who wanted to greet you, but at first she didn't recognize you as Elena from Sitel. Do other people perceive you differently when they see you in an informal edition?

- Very often people are surprised when they see me live because they imagine me much bigger. Probably the camera is doing its thing and I like those kind of comments - how big you look on TV and how small you are in reality... There are various variants, but I am happy that people watch our show, that they follow us and I want to I exchange a few words with them at those meetings.

What kind of person are you in private, what trait do you consider to be your greatest flaw, and what is your greatest virtue and quality?

– I'm not simple (hahahaha), I'll start there. I consider myself fair, I don't want to hurt people. I'm a Libra in my horoscope and I can really change my mind sometimes, but when I make up my mind about something, it stays that way until the end. My negative trait is that I want to control things, I want everything to be in order, for everyone to be happy and to never learn that it doesn't work that way. At home, my family complains that I burden myself too much with cleaning, tidying up, and the truth is that sometimes I am busy.

Daughter Ilina is 11 years old, she is already slowly entering her teenage years. Are you a strict mother, are there rules in your home, how do you two get along considering Ilina's sensitive years?

– I am not a strict mother, I am very lenient. It's true Milica, Ilina is in some pre-puberty phase and now we are like best friends, who disagree on many things, but we are looking for a compromise. My greatest wish is that if something happens that he knows is not smart and not good, that he will not worry about how to hide it from me, but will call me first and ask me for advice or help. It is important for me to respect all people, not to divide them according to nationality, profession, but according to how they treat her. I can't protect her from everything, but I always want her to know that her father and I will be her unreserved support.

Elena with her daughter Ilina/Photo: Private archive

You rarely talk about your husband Ognen, who is a great support to you. How did you meet, what is your love story in brief?

- It's funny. I was working at MS TV, I used to see him from time to time and I thought he was coming to visit. I met him at a party in Talamaska, I was playing trance music and I saw him on the way out... We said hello, I told him that I knew him from TV, but he didn't tell me that he was my colleague. The following Monday my colleagues at work told me, but it was too late, I was in love. Fortunately, he does too.

In what ways are you similar and in what ways are you different, where do you complement each other the most and what are his best qualities?

- We are not similar in anything. We are probably one of those couples where opposites attract. I'm shy of everything, he's an adventurer. I'm in the clouds, he's stable. He has many beautiful qualities, but I adore his confidence in himself and the fact that he has no need to prove himself to anyone. His best quality, however, is that he is very caring and devoted to me and Ilina.

You know how to post photos of your look-alike sister. Back in your childhood, how did you get along, who was more dominant and what kind of child were you?

– I am the older sister, although the difference between us is small, a year and a half. I am a brunette, she is fair, but still many people recognize that we are sisters by our features. We were very protective of each other, she is taller than me and always protective. We had a modest and carefree childhood, we played, fought, there were also small fights (hahahaha). We have always complemented each other, we are very close. She is the only person to whom I can confide in everything, and she to me. Only because of my relationship with my sister, I regret that Ilina does not have a brother or sister.

Elena with her sister Katerina/ Photo: Private archive

Do you have an interesting story from your teenage days, some crazy thing you did, and today you remember it with a smile?

– Unfortunately, I didn't do crazy things. I was "completely" excellent, I was class president for several years, I studied a lot and I was boring. But then came the high school days, we started going out a lot with our friends, having fun and that's how my parents started getting white hairs.

I know you like to go out at night, hang out with loved ones, do you have another outlet, something that relaxes you the most and makes you happy in some time that is just for you?

– I like good food, I like to travel, I like to read books and enjoy with the people I love the most!

Elena with her sister Katerina and their mother Stojna when they were younger in Ohrid/ Photo: Privatna
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