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Inspectors together with the police discovered a complete gynecological practice at Dr. Asani without documentation

The inspectors of the State Health and Sanitary Inspectorate on Monday, after being touched by the media, entered the house of the director of the Struga hospital and the gynecologist Dr. Muhamed Asani with police assistance.

Investigators with police entered the house of the doctor who operated on the woman who lost her kidney, uterus and ovary

"Free Press" finds out that the reason why the police had to be involved in the surveillance is that there was no office sign in front of the house.

The director of the SSO, Dr. Irina Sotirova Buhova told us that in such a situation they had to legally call the police.

After entering, they found a fully equipped gynecological practice with a waiting room, prescriptions, a gynecological chair, but there are no documents for the practice.

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- The indicated doctor was called, came and gave a voluntary statement that he has a practice but does not practice, said Dr. Sotirovska Buhova for "Free Press".

She added that no patients or staff were found in the office during the emergency inspection.

It was in this home practice that a woman in labor and at the same time a nurse from Debar told the media that her entire pregnancy was completed and ended without a kidney, uterus and ovary, but the inspectors have not been able to confirm this yet because the doctor and director of the Struga hospital claims that in this office does not examine.

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Contrary to this, the patient Yeldz Veaposka told "Free Press" that Dr. Muhamed Asani followed her pregnancy in this office because due to the coronavirus pandemic it was too risky for her to go to the state hospital in Struga.

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