The investigators entered the Bardovci Psychiatric Hospital after the published videos of patients being beaten

Beating of a patient in the Bardovci Psychiatric Hospital/Photo: Screenshot/Facebook

After disturbing videos of patients being beaten at the Bardovci Psychiatric Hospital in Skopje by other patients hospitalized in the hospital appeared on social networks, the State Health and Sanitary Inspectorate (DZSI) reacted by issuing an order for extraordinary inspection at the PHI Bardovci Psychiatric Hospital ".

After carrying out the supervision, the inspectors from the DZSI will come out with a statement about the conditions in the hospital.

The case of the beating of a patient has been reported to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the police are working to clear it up.

After the publication of the videos, the director of PHI Psychiatric Hospital "Bardovci", Muhsin Arifi, spoke on Facebook and confirmed that the fight really took place in the court department of the hospital.

- As the newly appointed director of the Skopje Psychiatric Hospital, I feel a duty to refer to the broad opinion on the latest developments regarding aggressive patients who fight each other in the judicial department which is strictly treated by the competent court. It is for people who have committed serious crimes such as murder, attempted murder, etc. Although there is a shortage of staff in the hospital, I inform you that after the event, all necessary measures have been taken by me, those in charge of patient protection and all competent institutions that currently take care of security have been notified, Arifi wrote.

He expects an institutional resolution of the case as soon as possible.

- In the meantime, I started setting up measures and mechanisms to prevent such unfortunate events in the future. The ultimate goal is to reach a permanent solution for raising and maintaining the security of the hospital and improving the conditions for its normal functioning, he wrote.

In the two released videos, one patient is seen filming and ordering the beating of another patient who "must" introduce himself at the beginning of the video, while the videographer says he was lying there for beating his mother and wife.

According to information on social networks, the person who records and incites other people to beat him, was declared mentally ill, after he killed his mother in Negotino, butchered her and threw her in a dumpster, but he is serving his prison sentence in the Bardovci psychiatric hospital.

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