Center inspectors removed a glazed object installed without a permit

Photo: Municipality of Centar

The inspection services of the Municipality of Centar today removed a glazed building on state land that does not have approval for the installation of temporary buildings. As informed by the Center, it is a building on Zeleznička street.

Mayor Goran Gerasimovski says that everyone in the municipality must respect the legal regulations.

All wildly placed buildings, additions, terraces, platforms without approval will be removed. I appeal to the citizens not to spend their money on investments that will be removed at their expense in the future. Today, this building, which has dimensions of 3.80 x 2.20 meters, is being removed, as well as other illegally built buildings such as a wooden platform and a steel canopy on Crvena Voda Street no. 4 near "Broz Kafe", a metal door on Majakovskivo Debar Maalo Street that was placed on state land, Gerasimovski pointed out.

For tomorrow, he announced that the inspection services will carry out the removal of an auxiliary building - a garage on Kay 13 Noemvri Street, as well as the addition of a terrace and a metal door on Debarca Street.

The Center claims that the municipal inspection services will continue with the implementation of frequent inspection controls in order to respect the laws and solve the problems of the citizens.

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