The initiative of ZJM has come true, an "Orchestra for Jazz Music" will be formed

Photo from the ZJM Big Band concert with Luis Bonilla

At yesterday's meeting, the government made a decision to establish a national institution "Orchestra for Jazz Music in the Republic of North Macedonia" - Skopje, whose main activity is the preparation and public performance of high-quality musical works in the field of jazz and all related genres that gravitate or are performed by this "classical" culture of the twenty-first century, reports from the Ministry of Culture.

The new national music institution was established on the initiative of the Association of Jazz Musicians and Free Artists, which with its big band in the past years achieved great success in the country, in the region and in Europe and with its concerts filled a huge gap in this part of the musical culture.

Through this institution, the talented jazz musicians who work and study in the country are nurtured and are provided with a permanent and sustainable engagement that will create conditions for them to create top works and to affirm the jazz culture, as well as to popularize Macedonian jazz music.

Considering the gap that the country has with the absence of a revue orchestra, this institution will take care of improving the music production, will advocate for the education of young talents and enthusiasts, will organize jazz festivals and events that will help to nurture the jazz culture. on the territory of the entire country and will work on its own networking in international organizations that nurture the same activity.

The orchestra of the Association of Jazz Musicians and Free Artists has already proven itself as a top ensemble, which is at the level of world standards, so as a National Institution it will continue in the direction of spreading the concert activity, organizing workshops and other musical performances with which it will perform at home and abroad, and will continue networking with European and world related institutions, following the practice it has already established.

The national institution will be located in the NU National Philharmonic building, and if necessary, it will also use the music and stage space of the NU National Opera and Ballet, reports from the Ministry of Culture.

After the published information from the Ministry of Culture, the Association of Jazz Musicians and Free Artists (ZJM) addressed the public with their own message.

- It is with great pleasure that we want to share with you one, for us, very significant information, and at the same time to welcome the historic decision to establish a national institution "Jazz Music Orchestra in the Republic of North Macedonia" - Skopje.

We express our public gratitude to the Minister of Culture, Bisera Kostadinovska Stojchevska, and the Ministry of Culture, who heard about our commitments and recognized the value of our long-term work, giving confirmation of our work through the establishment of the "Jazz Music Orchestra in the Republic of North Macedonia". - Skopje.

All these years the ZJM Big Band worked unreservedly and advocated for the promotion and affirmation of Macedonian jazz music and Macedonian jazz musicians, and left behind a series of memorable concerts and performances, which made an exceptional impact on the Macedonian music scene, but also on Macedonian culture in general. , raising it to a higher level and expanding the horizons of the audience and the entire public.

The institutionalization of this orchestra for jazz music confirms the long-term commitment of the Association and its activities realized through the ZJM Big Band, as well as the commitment of numerous musicians who gravitate in the sphere of jazz music.

The establishment of this orchestra will be another field in which there is an opportunity to nurture our creativity, but also an opportunity for further professional engagement with our activity, for which we are infinitely grateful.

With this step, ZJM builds on the history of the creation of jazz orchestras in the country, which began in the distant fifties of the last century, when the first big band in Macedonia was formed in Shtip, within the KUD "Macedonka". Then follows the creation of another cult institution - the Dance Orchestra of Radio Skopje, then the orchestra that functions within the framework of the KUD "Mirce Acev", the orchestra at the KUD "Boro Johnny" in Strumica and many others, which at the time of their activity, also , left traces on the Macedonian jazz scene.

We continue further with a promise that our orchestra will continue on the same path, and will continue to affirm Macedonian jazz, in the country and outside it - emphasized from ZJM.

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