Germany's initiative to strengthen Ukraine's air defense has raised almost a billion euros

The German Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that their initiative to collect support for strengthening Ukrainian air defenses has managed to collect over a billion euros, and this was announced during today's visit of the head of German diplomacy, Analena Baerbock, to Kyiv.

The German Ministry of Foreign Affairs emphasized that the purpose of the minister's visit is to assure the Ukrainian side that despite the worsening situation in the combat zone, Germany and Europe will continue to stand firmly by Ukraine's side and will not stop supporting it.

"In this context, the global initiative to strengthen air defense, which the Ministry of Foreign Affairs recently launched together with Defense Minister Pistorius, should be considered," said the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

According to the report, funding for the initiative has been provided by Belgium, Denmark, Canada, the Netherlands, Norway and the United Kingdom.

In addition, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Spain, Lithuania, Romania, the United States and France pledged to help with "equipment and missiles."

For its part, Latvia expressed its desire to join the initiative.

The German publication Bild previously reported that the German government is seeking additional funds to increase military support for Ukraine in 2024.

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