Initiative for a new memorial plaque and for the opening of a legacy for Misirkov in Odessa

Photo: Macedonian concept

The Macedonian Concept Party will request and coordinate with the new Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Culture to place a new memorial plaque and open a legate for Krste Petkov Misirkov in Odessa, and also consider the possibility of opening a Macedonian consulate in that Ukrainian city.

The president of the Macedonian concept, Petar Bogojeski, and the vice-president, Samuel Naumovski Vikius, initiated a meeting with the mayor of Odessa, Genadiy Trukhanov, and with the director of the Department of Culture, International Relations and European Integration, Ivan Liptuga, to discuss the Macedonian cultural-historical heritage in Ukraine and, specifically, in Odessa.

- The focus of the conversation was the memorial house where the Macedonian apostle and fighter for the Macedonian cause, Krste Petkov Misirkov, lived and worked. We discussed a worthy commemoration of his name and work by placing a new memorial plaque on the house where Misirkov lived from 1909 to 1913, at 28 "Kanatna" Street. engraved Macedonian flag, Macedonian concept announced today.

The municipality of Odesa, as they state, supported that idea and a promise was made that the procedure would start soon.

- In addition, we requested the opening of a legate (memorial room) of Misirkov, with the help of the Macedonian Government and documentation that can be found in the Ukrainian archives. We also considered the possibility of opening a Macedonian consulate in this holy place for us, the Macedonians, and for the Macedonian cause, informs Bogojevski's party. They add that their hosts in Ukraine are ready for the possibility that one of the streets in Odessa will be named after Misirkov in the future.

As he informed, the municipality of Odessa decided to start research in their archives in order to find as much information as possible about the work and traces of Misirkov and about the current ownership status of the House Museum of Architecture and History.

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