INFOGRAPHY: For some increase of the pension by 289 denars, for others - 1.682 denars

Photo: Free Press / Dragan Mitreski

The Pension and Disability Insurance Fund announced that the increase of pensions by 2,9 percent for the minimum pensions means their increase by 304 denars, and for the average 460 denars.

The lowest amount of pensions is 9.986 denars, but these pensions are only part of the group that the Pension and Disability Insurance Fund leads as recipients with the lowest pensions (depending on the year of retirement), and it includes pensions from 9.986 denars up to 12.801 denars. Thus, for the lowest of the lowest pensions (received by 3.185 pensioners), the increase will be 289 denars, and for the highest lowest pension (received by 1.664 pensioners) the increase will be 371 denars.

The fact that the total number of pensioners in this group with the lowest pensions (up to 12.547 denars) is even 80.809 is defeating, or every fourth pensioner is at a minimum.

The maximum pensions, also depending on the year when the right to retire was exercised, range from 40.548 denars to 57.992 denars. The lowest of the largest pensions are received by 37 pensioners and they are followed by an increase of 1.176 denars, while the highest amount of pension is received by 63 pensioners and they will receive an additional 57.992 denars at 1.682 denars.

Photo: Infographic / Free Press

Otherwise, the average amount of pensions in December was 15.867 denars and on average everyone will receive another 460 denars. The total number of retirees in December was 328.570.

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