INFOGRAPHIC: Fruits and vegetables are getting more expensive, traders are struggling

Fruits and vegetables / "Free Press" - Dragan Mitreski

The wave of price increases that we feel every day has not spared even fruits and vegetables - in Macedonia, traditionally available agricultural products are slowly becoming a luxury for the citizens.

"Sloboden Pechat" checked and compared the prices of some of the best-selling seasonal fruits and vegetables wholesale, at the Kvantash market, and retail - in markets and markets in Skopje. The majority of these products, especially vegetables, are more expensive compared to last year, and it turns out that retailers have fairly high margins in a good part of this assortment. This is especially true for large retail chains, which buy large quantities, paying for them even lower purchase prices.

The comparison shows that the biggest price difference is for peaches, apricots, tomatoes and cucumbers. The peaches wholesale they are sold for 30 denars per kilogram, and in the markets for between 40 and 50 denars per kilogram, while in the markets they cost 50-60 denars per kilogram.

Apricots can also be found wholesale for 30-40 denars, and the cheapest ones in markets and markets are around 45 denars. There is a solid difference in the price of tomatoes, which are around 30 denars wholesale, and in the markets they are between 40 and 45 denars per kilogram, while in the markets they are between 50 and 65 denars per kilogram. Watermelons at the Kvantash market are sold for 10-15 denars per kilogram, while the price in the markets is 20-30 denars.

Vegetables became more expensive than fruits compared to last year, state statistics say

According to the latest data at the State Statistics Office (SSO) this July, compared to last year, an increase in the prices of vegetables by 23,3% was recorded, and the prices of fruits increased by 3,5%. On a monthly basis, according to SSO data, the price of fruit in July increased by 2.9% compared to June, and the price of vegetables (except potatoes and other root fruits) in July fell by 6,4% compared to the previous month.

It is interesting to see which fruits have gone up or down in price the most in the past year. Thus, according to the data According to the Agricultural Market Information System (AMS), in June 2022, the most expensive fruit is the "Granny Smith" apple, whose price has almost doubled (96,9%).

But there are also types of fruit that became cheaper in June compared to last year. For example, the price of peaches has dropped by 34,9% (the average most common price has decreased from MKD 102 to MKD 66). Lemons (49,1%), tangerines (41,7%), melons (17,3%) and bananas (14,3%) also became cheaper.

With vegetables, unfortunately, things are a little different. Most of the products in June 2022 recorded growth in contrast to last year. So, for example, according to the data of ZPIS, there is an increase in the prices of onions, spinach, beets, lentils, potatoes... Garlic is among the few vegetables that became cheaper in June this year compared to last year (33,3%).

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