INFOGRAPHIC: How much money is needed for pensions and where is it provided?

skopje people pensioners bench square
Pensioners in Skopje / Photo: EPA-EFE / GEORGI LICOVSKI

Pension and Disability Insurance Fund, latest data as a final account for the realization of revenues and expenditures, has published for 2020 years. Here is where the money for pensions came from and how much was spent:

Made by: Ivan Samardziev

In The budget for 2022 It can be seen that an increase of the money in the Pension and Disability Insurance Fund by almost 41 million euros is envisaged. Thus, the projected revenue side for 2022 is 1,3 billion euros. As indicators for expenditures, it is assumed that the number of retirees will increase from 330.211 retirees in 2021 to 338.359 retirees this year.

INFOGRAPHY: For some increase of the pension by 289 denars, for others - 1.682 denars

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