INFOGRAPHY | MoI effectively in "clarifying" the murders

Police / Photo: MIA
Made by: Elisaveta Bejkova

The death toll from violent deaths has dropped by 3,5 per cent compared to the previous year and amounted to 438 deaths, according to data from the State Statistical Office. Deaths from violent deaths account for 1,7 percent of all deaths. Murders account for three percent of all violent deaths. Murder is the case in which the death occurred due to an attempt to inflict bodily harm.

Made by: Elisaveta Bejkova

The number of homicides in 2020 decreased by 59 percent compared to 2019, the lowest level compared to the last 15 years. The highest number of homicides occurred in 2001, when 131 homicides were committed.

- Of particular importance and noteworthy is the extremely high efficiency that resulted in shedding light on all the murders that occurred in 2020, for which 16 perpetrators have been criminally reported. Crimes against life and body account for only 5% of the total classic crime, and their volume remained at almost the same level as last year, with particular importance is the reduction of the number of murders brought in 2020 at the lowest level compared to the last 15 years - they say for "Free Press" from the police.

Made by: Elisaveta Bejkova

Three murders were committed by firing firearms (one with an illegal weapon), four by the use of cold steel. The victims of these crimes are 10 people, of which five are male and five are female. The oldest victim is a 63-year-old woman, and the youngest is a 30-year-old woman. In four cases the murders were committed during domestic violence, and in one case it was a double murder.

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