Industrial heating will be cheaper by 35 percent, households will wait for July

Heating radiators for heating / Photo: "Free Press" - Dragan Mitreski

If the current gas prices are maintained, at the regular publication of new price lists in July, lower prices can be expected for households as well, the Energy Regulatory Commission said.

At an extraordinary session, the Regulatory Commission for Energy decided to reduce the price of thermal energy for all business facilities, kindergartens, small shops... The price reduction for what is popularly called "industrial heat" is 35 percent, and as explained by the President of the Regulatory Commission for Energy, Marko Bislimoski, this is done because of the reduction in the price of gas. Business entities will receive lower bills in March, and steam bills in February.

- About 1.200 consumers connected to central city heating of ESM Supply, ESM Energetika, Skopje North will receive lower heating bills. These users consume 20 percent of the required amounts of heat energy at the level of the City of Skopje and among them are educational institutions, business users: small shops, companies, banks, etc. The extraordinary decision comes after a comprehensive in-depth cross-analysis of the current prices on the stock exchange and the forecasted prices of the incoming gas. The results showed that in the past period, the price of natural gas on the stock market was lower than expected, which fulfills the conditions to make a favorable decision for the category of other users, who, in the turbulent period of the energy crisis, took the burden and received real bills. without any subsidy from the state - said Bislimoski.

But if the current gas prices are maintained, at the regular publication of new price lists in July, cheaper prices can also be expected for households.

– We monitor the price of natural gas. Household prices are regularly subsidized. And if these gas prices remain, a new price will be introduced for households as well. It should also be taken into account that the price of natural gas in Macedonia is about 15, or 20 percent higher than that of the largest gas exchange in Europe - said Bislimoski.

To a journalist's question why in such conditions, when the price of gas fell, the prices of households do not decrease, Bislimoski answered that there is no space now.

- After the crisis started, households receive a 20 percent price subsidy. Now there is no such room for reducing the price of households. That is, we should enter the subsidies, and they are provided and transferred to the ESM account. ESM will subsidize all bills until the end of the heating season. Also, you know what period we are in. We would not like to influence the events of the political scene in any way and we do not want to be misunderstood. What we are doing now is to help the municipalities, state institutions and business users to reduce the costs of heat energy, because in reality they have borne the biggest burden of the energy crisis and in a way they have a higher price than households subsidized the stable prices of thermal energy in the City of Skopje - said Bislimoski.

With the new price list for business entities, the price for households is 75 percent lower than the "industrial" one, and previously the price for business entities was 2,7 times higher than for households.

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