Stubbornness as a recipe for victory: Three more competitors remained in the lying competition in Montenegro

Photo: Facebook/ Anatolia Agency

The lying down competition in Montenegro is still going on, and today is the 44th day that the contestants lie down. There are three more left, and so far this seems to have turned into a psychological challenge and the award has lost its meaning for the time being, writes Serbian Blitz.

All three remaining contestants are from Montenegro, so in the end, when this competition is over, the title and €1.000 will remain in that country.

In the ethno-village of Brezna near Plužine, there are two women and one man among the three contestants.

- I came for the prize. But now, after so many days, the spite has worked and I have to lie down until the end, even more than 45 days - said one contestant for H1, who does not miss anything while lying down and claims that she rested during this competition.

This competition is being held for the 12th time, and participants have the right to a 15-minute break every eight hours. They use that time for their physiological needs, but they claim that they can also exercise during that time.

Manager Boris Krunic states that this is the first time that the competition has lasted so long.

- I have never felt better, I just took a shower, I came from a break, so people don't worry - said contestant Filip Knežević.

While the contestant Gordana Filipovic points out that her family is currently supporting her and they are not in a hurry with her.

By the way, the record until this year was held by Dubravka Aleksić from Podgorica, who lay down for 117 hours, and this year the contestants lay down for 317 hours already.

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