Top Shop and Dormeo's assets are on the wane - they owe the most to the taxman and TV companies

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The bankruptcy administrator of Studio Moderna - TV sales, the company that owns the brands Top Shop, Dormeo and Delimano, announced the sale of the remaining IT equipment, devices and goods worth about 113.000 euros, for which offers can be submitted until June 28.

The property of that company in bankruptcy will be sold as a whole with immediate negotiation after collecting the written offers and selecting the most favorable bidder. The sale is carried out according to the "seen - bought" principle, which excludes all subsequent objections from the buyer, it is emphasized in the letter of the bankruptcy trustee Josip Dujmović, writes Poslovni hr.

The decision to sell real estate was made after the bankruptcy hearing held in April, which examined the claims of the creditors of Studio Moderna - TV sale and the supplemented table of the creditors' claims in the initial amount of about 15,79 million euros.

According to the newly renewed table of the bankruptcy manager Josip Dujmović, almost 300 claims of creditors have been reported, and mostly workers, of which almost 220, who claim about 780.000 euros. Their smallest claims for unpaid salaries amount to around 300 euros, and those of 15.949 and 18.355 euros have also been reported, and the largest claim in that category is as much as 37.533 euros.

The debts to the state for tax and surtax on the company's income are 159.286 euros, and in the group of other creditors who claim about 14,8 million euros, the claims of related companies stand out. The biggest Croatian creditors are the Tax Administration with a claim of over 587.000 euros, followed by RTL Croatia with 489.807 and HRT with a claim of just over 200.000 euros.

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